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Simply Let It Be

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Improver NC2S
Maureen Bullock - February 2011
Let It Be - Katie Stevens : (CD: American idol Season 9)
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Intro: 16 counts (vocals)

(1-8) Nightclub basic to Rt, sway L&R, Repeat to Left.
1-2&. Step RT to RT side, close LF slightly behind RT, Recover weight to RT.
3-4Step LF to side and sway to LF and RT.
5-6&Step LF to LF side, close RT slightly behind LF Recover weight to LF.
7-8Step RT to side and sway to RT and LF.

(9-16) Fwd RT rock, ½ RT rock. RT coaster. Repeat with Left
1&2&Rock fwd RT foot, recover weight LF, keeping LF in place rock onto RT turning ½ RT, recover weight LF
3&4Step back RT, close LF to RT, step fwd RT. (6.00)
5&6&Rock fwd LF foot, recover weight RT, keeping RT in place rock onto LF turning ½ LF, recover weight RT
7&8Step back LF, close RT to LF, step fwd LF.

(17-24) Crossing ½ hinge turn, Cross rock & side, crossing triple, coaster cross 1/4 turn right
1-2&Cross RT over LF, step back LF ¼ turn RT, step side RT ¼ turn RT (6.00)
3-4&Cross LF over RT, recover weight RF, step side LF
5&6Cross RT over LF, step LF small step to side and slightly back, cross RT over LF.
7-8&Step back LF ¼ turn RT, close RT to LT, Cross LT over RT (9.00)

(25-32) Sway R& L, behind turn ¼ left , mambo step ½ RT, Mambo step ½ LF with nc2 timing.
1-2Step RT to right side sway RT, recover wt LF sway LF
3-4Cross RT behind LF, step LF fwd turning ¼ LF (6.00)
5-6&Rock fwd RT, recover LF, turn ½ RT Step fwd RT (12.00)
7-8&Rock fwd LF, recover RT, turn ½ LF, step fwd LF. (6.00)

Start again.

Enjoy xx


Yada May 24, 2013
A good choice to help your students improve on their nightclub timing.

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