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Shirley Bang (MY) & Natassha Murty (MY) - September 2016
Sinaran – Ayda Jebat & Lea Ismail (edited ver)
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Intro : 32 counts Sequence : AAA BB Tag AAA BB AA BB

Part A – 32 counts
A S1 - Weave R, Side ,Back Touch, Side, Back Touch
1 - 4Step RF to R, Step LF behind R, Step RF to R , Step LF next to R
5 - 8Step RF to R , Touch LF behind R , Step LF to L , Touch RF behind L

A S2 - Full Turn R, Side, Touch back, Side , Touch back
1 - 4Step LF to L, turn R to L, Step L to R, turn L to R
5 - 8Step LF to L, touch RF behind L, Step RF to R , touch LF behind R

A S3 - Skate , Skate, Side Chasse, Skate, Skate, Side Chasse
1 2Skate R diagonal fwd, Skate L diagonal fwd
3&4Step RL to R, Step L behind R, Step RL to R
5 – 6Skate L diagonal fws, Skate R diagonal fwd
7&8Step LL to L, Step R behind L, Step LL to L

A S4 - Jazzbox ¼ R Turn ( X 2)
1 - 4Cross RF over L, Step L Back, Turn ¼ R to R, Step L fwd
5 - 8Cross RF over L, Step L Back, Turn ¼ R to R, Step L fwd

Tag (1 – 4)
Shake hip bump RLRL, Right hand pointing and left hand holding the waist.
( can be free style )

Part B – 32 counts
B S1 - Kick, hook , drag and hold
1 - 2Kick RF diagonal fwd, hook back RF in front of L
3 - 4Drag RF to R, Touch LF beside R
5 - 6Kick LF diagonal fwd, hook back LF in front of R
7 - 8Drag LF to L, Touch RF beside L

B S2 - Diagonal Step Touch
1 – 4Step RF diagonal fwd, Touch LF beside R, Step LF diagonal fwd, Touch RF beside L
5 – 8Step RF diagonal back, Touch LF beside R, Step LF diagonal back, Touch RF beside L

B S3 - Step Touch with hand movement
1 – 2Step RF to R, Touch LF beside R ( R hand sway out)
3 – 4Step LF to L, Touch RF beside L ( L hand sway out )
5 – 6Step RF to R, Touch LF beside R ( Both hands hug on chest )
7 – 8Step LF to L , Touch RF beside L ( Both hands open from chest)

S4 - Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L Turn, Hold and Full Turn
1 – 2Step RF fwd, Turn ¼ L with weight on RF
3 – 4Step RF fwd , Hold
5 – 6Turn ½ R & Step LF back
7 – 8Turn ½ R & Step RF fwd

Ending Pose - Right hand stretch out pointing the index finger with left hand holding left waist


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Shirley Bang :


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