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Single You Up

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Easy Intermediate
Jenny Brown (USA), Sandi VanVliet & Gwen Walker (USA) - August 2017
Singles You Up - Jordan Davis
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#16 count intro, one easy restart on wall 3 after count 40

[1-8] Right Lock, right locking triple, left step ½ turn, left ½ turn triple.
1-2Step R forward, lock L behind R.
3&4Step R forward, lock L behind R (&), step R forward.
5-6Step L forward , turn ½ to right, weight on R (6:00)
7&8Make ½ turn triple to right , step L ¼ right, step R ¼ (&) step L forward (12:00)

[9-16] ¼ turn right, right side rock cross, left side rock cross, sway
1-2Step R ¼ to right, cross L over R. (3:00)
3&4Rock R to right side, recover to L(&), cross R over L
5&6Rock L to left side, recover to R(&), cross L over R
7-8Step R to right side swaying hip to right, recover to L sway hip to left.(3:00)

[17-24] Walk right, left, anchor step, left full turn, left coaster.
1-2Walk forward R, L.
3&4Step R behind L, step L in place(&), step R back.
5-6Turn ½ left stepping back on L, turn ½ left stepping back on R
7&8Step L back, step R back beside L(&), step L forward.(3:00)

[25-32] Twist heels, coaster, step ½ turn, left triple
1&2Step forward on ball of R, twist both heels to right(&)twist back to center weight on L.
3&4Step back on R, step L back beside R(&)step R forward.
5-6Step L forward, turn ½ to right, weight on right (9:00)
7&8Step L forward, step R beside L(&), step L forward.

[33-40] Rock forward, rock back, rock side, ¾ turn right Sailor
1-4Rock R forward, recover L, rock R back, recover L.
5-6Rock R to right side, recover to L (9:00)
7&8Turn ¼ right step R behind L(12:00), turn ¼ turn right step L in place(&)(3:00) Turn ¼ right step R to right side (6:00)
( Restart here on Wall 3**** Replace the last R step in the Sailor with a R touch, Restart dance(6:00))

[41-48] Left side rock, right side rock, left forward rock, walk right, left.
1-2 &Rock L to left side, recover to R, step L beside R(&)
3-4 &Rock R to right side, recover to L, step R beside L(&)
5-6 &Rock L forward, recover to R, step L beside R(&)
7-8Walk forward R, L (6:00)

Have fun, Dance from the Heart with JOY

Gwen Walker:
Sandi VanVliet:
Jenny Brown:


DianeSPerry March 13, 2018
Gwen, I have been teaching Single You Up by the step sheet provided by Copperknob, but my students brought it to my attention that you dance it differently in the tutorial video. It looks like the second turn in the first 8 count is a 3/4 turn rather than a 1/2 turn. Then in the second 8 count, you start out by crossing the Left over the Right, recover on the Right, then continue the dance as it is written. So I am assuming the step sheet is wrong and that you are dancing the dance correctly in the Tutorial video. Please let me know which is correct. Thank you.

DianeSPerry March 13, 2018
Well, you continue the steps as written, but the walls change from what the step sheet says, I think⁉️

CeeCee April 21, 2018
Anytime you have multiple turns danced consecutively, they should flow together and not be rigid. I think of the wall identifications for the individual turns as a specific guide when teaching/learning a dance. Once you know where you are going, just let it flow...

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