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Phrased ABC Intermediate Hip-Hop
Amy Spencer (USA), Roberto Corporan (USA) & Adam Berman (USA)
Skippin' - Mario : (Album: Go)
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*NOTE* this choreography introduces the dancer to musicality - Do it like you feel it
Part A
1-4 Glide L foot to L side, touch R next to L - Glide R foot to R side touch L next to R
5 6 7 & 8 Step L foot frwd, touch R behind L, lower R heel and unwinnd 1 1/4 turn to the R, lift and lower heel of L foot on & then hitch the R knee on 8

1&2 3&4 Triple step frwd R L R, triple again L R L
5 6 Sweep R foot around and make a 1/2 turn to L
7 & 8 Tap R toe forward, lift R knee then step back on R

1 2 3&4 Step back with L leg drag R, coaster step R L R
5 6 On ball of R foot Spin 3/4 to R
7&8 Rock out to L with L step down R, cross L over R

1 Step open R to R side
2 Arms are out from shouler, bent at elbow hands up
3 Rotate arms from shoulder and drop hands down
4 Twist upper body to L and bring R hand in front of L shoulder
5 6 7 8 extend R arm to L in a wave pattern for 5 6 wave the arm back in 7 8
(option to pop knees while doing counts 2 thru 4)

Part B
1-4 Swivel heels R L R L, on last swivel L lift R foot
5-8 Walk around yourself with 4 steps R L R L

1&2 Stomp R frwd fan R toes out then in
&3 &4 Step back R step L next to R, swivel both heels out then in
5 6 Step R out to R, touch L next to L as you point to your head with the R hand
7 8 Step L open - Lift R knee
(arm position on 8 is R elbow in close to body R hand in front of R shoulder, L arm comes across chest and L hand rests in the R palm)

1 2 Hands stay connected as arms travel R to L across chest, down the L side of the body and then to the inside of the R knee
3 4 Hands push knee away from body towards the back, R foot steps down behind L, L steps open
5 6 7 8 Reach both arms up but slightly angled to the L and "pull the shirt on" in pieces

1 2 Step R to back making a 1/2 turn to R, Step L back making a 1/4 turn R
3 & 4 Coaster step R L R
5 6 Ronde L from behind, making a 1/4 turn R - Step down on L next to R
7 HOLD 7
& 8 Touch R out to R side, then touch R next to L

1 2 Glide R to R tap L next to R - L arm swings in an upward motion
3 4 Glide L to L tap R next to L - R arm swings down away from body
5 6 Step R then L making full turn to L
7 8 Lift and pulse R knee twice - arms in "I don't know position"

1&2 Tap R toe frwd lift and step R in back of L
3-6 Unwind full turn to R, step L to L side and drag R into L (option here is floor work)
7 8 weight on L stomp R frwd

1 Body Roll from Head to Toes
& 2 3 Step Back R, then step L next to R, swivel both heels R making a 1/4 turn left
4 5 6 Swoop or Ronde L front to back, repeat with R and again with L
7 8 With weight on L make a full turn L ending on 8 with R foot frwd

1 2 3 Rock hips: front back front
4 & 5 Head looks L on 4, torso twists L on &, toes make a 1/2 rotation L on 5
6 Hold 6
7 8 Rock hips: front then back

Part C - the Boom Section
1 2 3 4 Chest pops forward back forward back
5 6 walk R then L making a full turn to R
7 & 8 behind side cross front (R L R)

1 2 Step L to L side as chest pops and L toe fans to the L, toe fans back in
3 4 L toe fans out with another chest pop and then back in
5 & 6 Triple step making a full turn L (L R L)
7 8 Step R open to R side, cross L in front of R

1 2 Step R to R in a low body position with R arm handing down over R foot fan R toes out to R and back in - arm mimics foot
3 4 R toe fans out and in again with arm again
5 & 6 Return body to upright position while doing a behind side cross (R L R)
7 8 Step frwd with left makiing 1/2 turn R - step onto R while making another 1/2 turn R

1 Step L down next to R - point outward with two fingers and the R arm
2 3 4 place R hand over heart
5 & 6 Quick jog backwards R L R
7 8 Hold and Prep for next Sequence of dance



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