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Klara Wallman (SWE) & Lina Hökdahl (SWE) - December 2017
Slip - Elliot Moss : (4:58)
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#16 count intro (Option: everyone slowly walks out on the floor to their spots during intro)

Section A: 28 counts
A1: Hand movements
1-3Right hand goes up to face level with palm facing L (1), slowly lower the hand in a straight line downwards(2-3)
4&R hand covers the eyes, palm facing the eyes (4) L hand covers mouth, palm facing mouth(&)
5-6R hand goes up, L hand goes down to show the face (5). Close hands back together(6)
7-8Both arms slowly droppes down to the sides(7,8)

A2: Prep, full turn, sway, drop upper body
1-3Lean to R on R, upper body facing 1.30 (1) recover to L as you start making a full turn L on L foot (2-3)
4-5Step R foot to R as you sway (4) sway L (5)
6-8Drop upper body down to L, swing body to R, straighten up to full upright position (6,7,8)

A3: Hand movements, drag, snake, hold, look L
1-4Push R hand down like your dropping something, or bouncing a small ball, to the floor (1) ”bounce” hand back up as you start drag R foot next to L, weight ends on both feet (2,3,4)
5&6Make a snake, beginning with L hand, going through L elbow, L shoulder, R shoulder ending with R hand in shoulder hight, palm facing 3:00.
7-8Hold (7) look to R (8)

A4: Hand down
1-4Slowly let the hand go down (palm still facing 3:00, face turning back to 12:00) (1-4)

Section B: 32 counts
B1: Jump, sway shoulders, sweep 1/2 turn, step, out, out, arm movements
1Jump out on both feet (1)
2&3-4Sway R shoulder forward (2) sway L shoulder forward(&) sway R shoulder forward as you sweep R foot from back making a 1/2 turn L (3), step forward on R foot (4) (6:00)
5&Step L foot out as R arm goes up in a 90º angle, elbow up, hand down, palm facing 6:00 (5) step R foot out as L arm goes up in a 90º angle, elbow up, hand down, palm facing 6:00 (&)
6&7&8&Flip R hand upwards, palm facing 12:00 (arm still in 90º angle) (6) R arm goes over the head, palm facing 12:00 (arm still in 90º angle) (&) L arm folds infront of body, palm facing upwards (arm still in 90º angle) (7) arms come together(R palm touching inside of left forearm, L palm touching outside of R forearm (&) pull arms apart until palms are touching (8) close hands together by folding fingers together (&)

B2: Arms apart and down, body roll, R back L back, touch, 1/2 turn, 3 touches
1-2Pull arms apart, L to L and R to R (1) push hands down on sides of the body (2)
3Make a full body roll from head to feet (3)
4&5-6Step R back (4) Step L back (&) touch R foot back (5) make 1/2 turn R, weight on R (6)(12:00)
7&8Touch L forward (7) touch L back (&) touch L foot forward (8)
*Restart here on 2nd wall of Part B, facing 6:00

B3: Side, arm up, pull, side hitch cross, full turn, stepping back, 1/4 turn R, lounge
1-2&Step L foot to L as you push R arm up, across body from R to L (1) Pull hand back down (2), continue to pull hand down (&)
3-4Swing R arm around as you put the weight on R foot and hitch L (3) cross L foot over R (4) (1:30)
5Make a full turn R on L foot (5)
6&Step R foot back as you square up to 3:00 (6) step L back (&)
7-8Make 1/4 turn R lounging to R pushing R arm to side palm facing 9:00 (7,8) (6:00)

B4: Recover, Prep, Full turn, behind, 1/4 to L, kick, behind, 1/4 right, together, shoulder rolls
1-2Recover weight on L pushing R hand, with palm facing upwards and armed fully reached out, in front of body from R to L (1,2)
3Make a full turn R on L foot as R foot swings around from front to back (3)
4&5Step R foot behind L (4) 1/4 turn L stepping L forward (&)(3:00) ball step on R as you kick L low with foot flexed (5)
6&7Step L behind R (6) 1/4 turn R stepping R to R (&) Step L next to R as you roll L shoulder from front to back (7)
8&Roll R shoulder from front to back (8) Roll L shoulder from front to back (&)
*Add an extra shoulder roll on first Part B after Part C.

Part C: 31 counts
C1: R foot swivel, point, L foot swivel, circle the point, lift R, walk x2
1&2R toe swivel to R (1) R heel swivel to R (&) Right toe swivel to R (2)(7:30)
3R finger comes up, pointing towards ”the light” (3)
4&5-6L toe swivel to R (4) L heel swivel to R (&) L toe swivel to R(L foot next to R foot) as you start making a circle (anti clockwise) in the air with the pointing finger (5) make another cirkle (anti clockwise) (6) (7:30)
7-8&Put weight on L as you lift R foot up, foot extended, body slightly leaning back (7) step forward on R (8) step forward on L (&)

C2: Pivot 1/2, step, triple full turn, prep, full turn, behind
1-3Step forward on R (1) make 1/2 turn L, weight on L (2)(1:30) step R foot forward (3)
4&5 1/2 turn R stepping back on L (4) 1/2 turn R stepping forward on R (&) step L forward (5)
6Bend L leg slightly as you turn your upper body to L (6)
7-8Unwind 7/8 turning R on L foot (7) (12:00) step R behind L (8)

C3: 1/4 turn with arm, 1/2 turn, walk x2 with point, slow pivot 1/2, 1/4 turn
1-2Turn 1/4 L stepping L forward as you ”throw” R arm from R to L palm facing up (1)(9:00) turn 1/2 R stepping forward on R, point R pointing finger up, head hight (2) (3:00)
3-4Walk forward on L (3) walk forward on R (4)
5-8Step forward on L (5) pivot 1/2 turn R (6,7) (3:00) make 1/4 turn stepping L to L (8) (12:00)

C4: Twirl and drag, walk x2, touch, unwind
1&2Put L palm up(facing upwards, fingers pointing forward, in chest hight) and point R finger into palm making a anti clockwise circle with the finger (1,&) pinch fingers together as you pull them upwards, like your pulling a string out of the palm, as you drag R foot next to L keeping weight on L (2)
3-7Walk forward on R (3) walk forward on L (4) touch R behind L (5) unwind 1/2 turn R putting wight on both feet (6,7) (6:00)
* Restart into Section B

Let the beat in the music guide you, don’t rush it, feel it, enjoy it!


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