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Easy Intermediate Contra
Jessica Wegmann & Bonnie Boudineau (June 2015)
You're Not Fully Dressed Without A Smile - by Sia (iTunes 2014 - movie « Annie »)
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OR: Without A Smile or Not Fully Dressed or Fully Dressed or High-Five … or …

Intro : 8 counts, dance begins on vocal « Hey, America ».

Start - 2 lines begin facing each other.

[1-9] Hitch, Triple Side, Lock Step Fwd, ¼ Triple Side, Samba ¼ Turn
1Hitch R knee
2&3Step R to right side, Close L to R, Step R to right side
4&5Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward (crossing with your partner)
6&7¼ turn right stepping R to right side, Close L to R, Step R to right side
8&1Step L forward, ¼ turn right Rocking R to right side, Recover onto L

[10-17] Samba Fwd, Samba Fwd, Sit Back, Roll Up, Sit Back, Roll Up With Flick
(You will move forward towards your partner but not crossing lines on 2&3, 4&5.)
2&3Cross R over, Rock L to side, Recover onto R (moving forward, body angles to right diagonal)
4&5Cross L over, Rock R to side, Recover onto L (moving forward, body angles to left diagonal)
&6&7(Staying angled to left diagonal) Body Roll back and down to sit on R leg, Roll up again onto L
&8&1Body Roll back and down to sit on R leg, Roll up onto L & Flick R foot straight behind

[18-24] Jazz Box ¼, Triple Forward, Triple ½ Turn
2-3-4Cross R over, Step L back starting ¼ turn right, Step R to right completing ¼ turn right
(facing to right diagonal ready to cross with your partner on the diagonal)
5&6Step L forward, Lock R behind, Step L forward (crossing with partner)
7&8¼ turn left Stepping R to right side, Cross L closely over R, ¼ turn left Stepping back on R

[25-32] Coaster Step, Kick-Ball-Touch, Knee Pops, Step
1&2(Staying on diagonal) Step L back, Step R together, Step L forward
3&4Kick R forward, Step R next to L, Touch L forward with L knee slightly bent (weight on R)
5-6&7(Weight on both feet) Pop R knee (5), Pop L knee (6), Pop R knee (&), Pop L knee (7)
8Step L forward

[33-40] Dorothy Steps x2 Squaring Up 1/8 Turn, Side Rock & Side Rock &
(You will be moving diagonally forward in the direction of your partner until the 2 lines merge into 1 line, all partners facing each other)
1-2&Step R forward slightly diagonal right, Lock L behind, Step R next to L
3-4&Step L forward slightly diagonal left, Lock R behind, Step L next to R
5-6&1/8 turn right (squaring up to face partner) Rock R to right side, Recover onto L, Close R to L
7-8&Rock L to left side, Recover onto R, Close L to R

[41-48] Body Roll, Recover, High-Five, Cross, ¼, Back Rock
1-2Touch to right side starting Body Roll from shoulders down to hips, Finish Body Roll sitting on R
(body is angled to left diagonal)
3-4Recover onto L, Slap R hand of partner (high-five) at shoulder level
5-6Cross R (passing partner by your R shoulder), ¼ turn right stepping L back (facing partner)
7-8Rock R back, Recover onto L

SMILE and begin the dance again




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