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Smooth Operator

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Michael Barr (USA), Ruben Luna (USA) & Scott Schrank (USA) - August 2010
Smooth Operator - Sade : (CD: The Modern Era)
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Start: 48-Count Intro (24 seconds)

Note: Keep the movement going throughout the holds

(1-8) Step, Hold, Ball-Step, Step, Back, Hold, Back-Lock, Back
1-2 Step right foot forward, Hold
&3-4 Step ball of left next to right, Step right foot forward, Step left foot forward
5-6 Step right foot back, Hold
&7-8 Step left foot back, Cross and lock right foot over left, Step left foot back

(9-16) 1/4 Turn, Hold, Sway-Sway, Sway, Sway, Hold, Ball-Cross, 1/4 Turn
1-2 Make ¼ turn right stepping right foot right, Hold (3:00)
&3-4 Sway hips left, Sway hips right, Sway hip left
5-6 Sway hips right, Hold
&7-8 Step ball of left behind right, Cross right foot over left, Make 1/4 turn left stepping left foot forward (12:00)
Both RESTARTS happen here

(17-24) 1/4 Turn, Hold, Ball-Step, Step, Step, Hold, Step-1/2 Turn, Step Forward
1-2 Make 1/4 turn left stepping right foot side right, Hold (9:00)
&3-4 Step ball of left behind right, Step right side right (small step), Step left forward
5-6 Step right forward, Hold
&7-8 Step left foot forward, Pivot 1/2 turn right on balls of both feet, Step left foot forward (prep) (3:00)

(25-32) 1/2 Turn, Hold, Sweep Behind-Step (1/4), Step, Cross, Hold, 3/4 Turn Right
1-2 Make ½ turn left stepping back on right foot, Hold (9:00)
&3-4 Sweep and step left behind right, Turn 1/4 left stepping right foot next to left, Step left forward (6:00)
5-6 Step right forward crossing in front of left, Hold (prep for right turn)
&7-8 Turn ¼ right stepping left foot back, Turn ½ right stepping right forward, Step left forward (3:00)
Option for count 2: Start your sweep on the hold step continuing into the step behind left

Repeat And Enjoy

RESTARTS: The restarts happen after the first 16 counts of rotation 4 (Facing 9:00) and then rotation 10 (Facing 3:00). The restart brings you back to the starting direction for that wall, so when counting the rotations; just add the 16 count restart to that rotation.

Michael Barr / WWW.MichaelAndMichele.Com
Ruben Luna /
Scott Schrank /


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