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Smooth Shot Of Whiskey

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Beginner / Improver
Elisabeth Elkuch-Heid (LIE) - July 2020
Smooth Shot Of Whiskey by Mike and the Moonpies
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[1-8] R Rockin’ Chair, Shuffle Fwd, Shuffle 1/2 Turn R (6)
1-4Rock Fwd R, Recover L, Rock Back R, Recover L
5&6Step Fwd R, L next to R, Step Fwd R
7&8Shuffle with 1/2 Turn R: L-R-L

[9-16] Rockin’ Chair, Shuffle 1/2 Turn R, Shuffle Fwd L (12)
1-4Rock Back on R, Recover L, Rock Fwd R, Recover L
5&6Shuffle and 1/2 Turn R: R-L-R
7&8Step Fwd L, R next to L, Step Fwd L

[17-24] 1/4 Turn L, Step R to right, Touch L, 1/4 Turn L, Touch R, 1/4 Turn L, Scuff R (3)
1,21/4 Turn L with R to right, Touch L next to R (9)
3,41/4 Turn L with L to side, Touch R next to L (6)
5,61/4 Turn L with R to right, Touch L next to R (3)
7,8Step L to side, Scuff R Fwd

[25-32] Cross Rock Recover, Chassée R, Cross Rock Recover, Chassé Left
1,2Cross R over L, Recover L
3&4Step R to right, Step L next to R, Step R to right
5,6Cross L over R, Recover R
7,8Step L to left, Step R next to L, Step L to left

Tag: After Wall 4 and 8 (12) add these steps:
[1-4] 1/2 Pivot turn L, 1/2 Pivot Turn L
1-4Step Fwd R, 1/2 Turn L, Step Fwd R, 1/2 Turn L (weight L)
After the 2nd time Tag dance 17-32 plus Tag (3)"

Ending: Restart the dance with the Rocking Chair, Step Turn 1/4 Turn L
1-4Rock Fwd R, Recover L, Rock Back R, Recover L
5-8Step R Fwd, 1/4 Turn L on L, Touch R next to L, Hold
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raphaela June 30, 2020
Wow Betty - Wow Penny - amazing - I just wanted to have a look at my dance - and what do I are dancing in it - magic - surprise - wow wow wow - so great - thanks a lot you two fantastic women. Love, Lizzy

Markh June 30, 2020
Hi Lizzy, This is Betty from Markham, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for your kind words! Love and enjoy dancing" Smooth Shot Of Whiskey", great choreography! I am sure Penny feels the same too. Hugs, Betty😘

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