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Rex Allott - Feburary 2020
'Mambo Rap' by Parov Stelar from 'The Burning Spider'.
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S.1 Cross Shuffle Forward R, L, 1/4 Cross Turn R,
L. Mambo Step.(Facing 3 o’clock)
1&2Step R forward crossing R over L, Step L behind R, Step R forward, Step L next to R.
3&4.Step L forward crossing L over R, Step R behind L, Step L forward, Step ,R next to L.
5-6Step R over L, Make 1/4 Turn R, Stepping L Side, Step R next to L.
&7&8.Step slightly back on R, Step Forward on L, Return on R, Step L next to R.

S.2 Rpt S.1(Facing 6 o’clock)

S.3 Rpt S.1(Facing 9 o’clock)

S.4 Rpt S.1(Facing 12 o’clock)

S.5 Chasse R, L, Rock Back R, Recover L, R. Mambo Step.
1&2.Step R to R, Step L next to R, Step R to L
3&4Step L to L, Step R next to L, Step L to L
5-6.Rock back on R, Recover on L
7&8.Step forward R, Step back on L, Step R next to L

S.6 Rpt S.5.

S.7 Heel Fans R, L, Elvis Knees R, L, L Heel Grind with 1/2 Turn R, R Mambo Step.(6 o’clock)
1&2&Fan R Heel R, Fan L heel L, Return
3&4&Swing R Knee L, Swing L Knee R, Return.
5-6.Turn 1/2 R on L Heel, Keeping Weight on L Heel
7&8Step R Forward, Recover on L, Step R next to L

S.8. Rpt S.7.(12 o’clock)

TAG. After 3rd & 5th S.2 (6 o’clock)

Intro. Step R to R, Step L next to R
S.9 Jazz Box with Cross Toe Struts, 1/2 Turn L
1-2R Toe Strut
3-4Cross L over R, L Toe Strut
5-6Cross R over L, R Toe Strut
7-8Make 1/2 Turn L, Stepping L Forward, Step R Next to L

S.10 Jazz Box with Cross Toe Struts.
1-2L Toe Strut
3-4.Cross R Over L, R Toe Strut
5-6.Cross L Over, R, L Toe Strut
7-8.Step Back on R, Step L Next to R

S.11 R Kick Ball Cross x 2, Rock R, Recover, L Behind, Side Cross.
1&2.Kick R Foot Forward, Return, Cross L over R
3&4.Repeat 1&2
5-6.Step R to R, Return on L
7&8.Step R behind L, Step L to L, Step R over L

S.12 L Kick Ball Cross x 2, Rock L, Recover, R Behind Side Cross.
1&2.Kick L Foot Forward, Return, Cross R over L
3&4.Repeat 1&2
5-6.Step L to L, Return on R
7&8.Step L behind R, Step R to R, Step L over R

S.13 Rpt S.5
S.14 Rpt S.5
S.15 Rpt S.7
S.16 Rpt S.7



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