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Snow Girl Charleston

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Carrie Ann Green (ES) - February 2015
Snowgirl (feat. Lou Bega) - Hermes House Band
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Intro: 16 Counts (from beat after trumpet intro) on the word ´Snow´ - No Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Facing Right Diagonal, Heel, Toe, Right Lock Right, Left Charleston Step
1-2Tap right heel forward, Tap right toe back
3&4Step forward on right, lock left behind right, step forward on right
(Optional arm movements – Push palms at chest level forward and back)
5-6Touch Left toe forward, step back on Left
7-8Touch Right toe back, step forward on Right

Section 2: 3/8 Turn Left Jazz Box, Chasse Left, Back Rock Step
1-2Cross Left over Right, Step back on the Right making a 3/8 turn Left (9.00)
3-4Step Left To Left and Cross Right over Left
5&6Step Left to Left side, bring Right next to Left, step Left to Left side
7&8Cross rock Right behind Left, Recover weight to Left, Step to side on Right (weight on Right)

Section 3: Behind Side Cross, Point ¼ Hook Step, Walk Around ¾ Turn Right with 4 Steps
1&2Cross step Left behind Right, step Right to side, cross step Left over Right
3&4Point Right to side. Turn ¼ Right hooking Right across Left. Step Right forward (12.00)
5-8Step Left forward, step Right ¼ turn Right, Step Left ¼ turn right, Step Right ¼ Turn Right
(Walking in a nice Clockwise circle movement with optional Jazzy hands) (9.00)

Section 4: Step Out, Step Out, Left Coaster Step, Right Charleston Step
1-2Step Left out to Left diagonal (push hip to the side) Step Right out to Right diagonal (push hip to the side)
3&4Step back on Left, Step Right beside Left. Step forward Left
5-6Touch Right toe forward, step back on Right
7-8Touch Left toe back, step forward on Left

At end of wall 10 to finish dance you will be facing the back wall – section 2 on count 7&8, on the back rock recover make a half turn over your left shoulder to face the front wall.



dukie February 16, 2015
fab, fun Charleston, will teach this afternoon !!!

Walkercross March 21, 2015
Fun dance, great music. Just makes you want to dance!

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