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So Good, So Right

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Sarah Kemp - June 2015
It Feels Good - Drake White
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#24 count intro, starts on lyrics. No Tags, No Restarts.

Hip Bump R and L (12:00)
1, 2R foot hip bump forward x2,
3, 4L foot hip bump forward x2
Triple forward rock (12:00)
5&6Step forward on R foot, Step ball of L foot next to R foot, Step forward on R foot.
7, 8Rock forward on to L, replace to R.

Triple back rock (12:00)
1&2Step back on L foot, Step ball of R foot next to L foot, Step Back on L foot.
3, 4Rock back on to R, replace to L.
R step pivot 1/4 turn x2 (total half turn) (12:00)
5, 6Touch R toe forward, Pivoting on the ball of L turn 1/4 wall with weight on L. (9:00)
7, 8Touch R toe forward, Pivoting on the ball of L turn 1/4 wall with weight on L. (6:00)

Jazz box 1/4 turn (6:00)
1, 2Cross R over L. Step back on L,
3, 4Step back on R with a 1/4 turn to 9:00. Step L forward.
Jazz box, Jump/stomp (9:00)
5, 6Cross R over L. Step back on L,
7, 8Step back on R. Jump/Stomp both feet.

Touch R-C-R slide (9:00)
1, 2Touch R to R side, R to in step of L,
3, 4Step R to R side, Slide L to instep of R.
Touch L-C-L slide(9:00)
5, 6Touch L to L side, L to in step of R,
7, 8Step L to L side, Slide R to instep of L.

Now Restart on 9:00, each wall will start counter clock wise. 6:00, 3:00, 12:00, 9:00


Please do not change or amend this step sheet in any way. All rights reserved, video rights of choreography to choreographer Sarah Kemp. If you would like to use this step sheet to So Good, So Right on your website you must keep it in the original format with this contact info attached.,


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