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So Young

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Carl Sullivan - September 2019 - Sydney
You Make Me Feel So Young By M Buble Or The Glee Club. Album: Michael Buble Or The Glee Club
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Each Sequence Turns A Half

1-2-3-4Kick R foot fwd, Kick R foot to R side, Step R behind L, Step L to L
5&6Cross shuffle R-L-R to L side
7-8Rock L to l, Replace on R

1-2-3-4Box ¼ L (Step L across R, Step R back, ¼ L Step L fwd, Step R fwd to R)
5-6Rock L fwd, Replace on R
7&8Shuffle back L-R-L

1-2Rock R back Replace on L
3&4-5&6Kick R to R diagonal, Step R back, Cross-step L over R. Repeat
7-8Rock R to R, Replace on L
1&2Cross shuffle R-L-R to L side
3-4Step L to L, ½ R Step R fwd
5&6Shuffle fwd L-R-L
7-8Step R fwd, Pivot ¼ L onto L………………
Restart on Walls 2 & 5

1-2R Heel grind from L to R with R foot, As you grind the toes to the R Step L to L
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to L, Cross-step R over L
5-6Touch L toe in near R foot, Touch L heel to L side (L toe out)
7&8Step L behind R, Step R to R, Cross-step L over R

1-2Rock R to R side, Replace on L
3&4R Sailor ¼ L (L, R, L)
5-6Step L fwd, Pivot 3/8 R onto R to face diagonal
7&8Shuffle fwd on that diagonal

1-2-3-4Step R fwd, Pivot 3/8 L onto L, Step R fwd, Pivot ¼ L onto L
5-6-7&8Step R to R, Kick L to L, Step L behind R, Step R to R, Cross-step L over R

1-2-3&4Repeat last 4 counts to R
5-6-7-8Step R to R, Pivot ¼ L onto L, Step R fwd, Pivot ¼ onto L

Short Walls: Walls 2 and 5 are only 32 counts long so Restart after 32

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