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Sold Out

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Absolute Beginner
Kathy Cadenhead - August 2016
Sold Out - Hawk Nelson : (Album: Diamonds, 2015)
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Count In: 32 counts from start of the tract, dance begins on vocals

SECTION 1: Left Lock, Brush R foot, Right Lock, Brush Left foot
1-2Step L foot forward, Lock R foot behind L foot
3-4Step L foot forward, Brush R foot
5-6Step R foot forward, Lock L foot behind R foot
7-8Step R foot forward, Brush L foot

SECTION 2: V-Step (2x)
1-2Step L foot out to the left diagonal, Step R foot out to the right diagonal
3-4Step L foot back and center, Step R foot back next to L foot
5-8Repeat above counts 1-4 {9-12}

SECTION 3: Side Touches (L and R), Side, Together, Side, Touch
1-2Step L foot to the left side, Touch R foot next to L foot
3-4Step R foot to the right side, Touch L foot next to R foot
5-6Step L foot to left side, Step R foot next to L foot
7-8Step L foot to Left side, Touch R foot next to L foot

SECTION 4: Vine Right turning ¼ Right, Left Rocking Chair
1-2Step R foot to right side, Step L foot behind R foot
3-4Turning ¼ right, step on the R foot, Bush the L foot
5-6Rock forward on L foot, Recover on R foot
7-8Rock back on L foot, Recover on R foot


NOTE: There is a 32 count section that appears to be slower and smoother, but don’t slow down.
Keep the same tempo throughout the entire song.

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Pismo September 25, 2016
Thank you for writing a true AB dance.

Sassy Stepper September 25, 2016
Ditto to Pismo's comment - good AB dance and my students will enjoy the dance and the song.

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