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Klara Wallman (SWE) - March 2017
Solo Dance - Martin Jensen : (2:55)
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#32 counts intro.

Heel grind, Side, Behind, Side, Forward, Stepturn ½, Shuffle.
1-2Cross L Heel over R (1), Twist L Heel towards L as you step R to R side (2).
3&4Step L behind R (3), Step R to R side (&), Step L forward (4).
5-6Step R Forward (5), Pivot ½ L (6). (6.00)
7&8Step R forward (7), Step L next to R (&), Step R forward (8).

Jazzbox, Walk Back x3, Touch.
1-2-3-4Cross L over R (1), Step R back (2), Step L to L (3), Touch R next to L (4).
5-6-7-8Walk R back (5), Walk L back (6), Walk R back (7), Touch L next to R (8). Note: Please feel free to use your hands/arms in different ways when walking backward to add a bit of a styling to the dance.

Rolling vine, Side, Sailor w. Heel, Shoulder pop.
1-2-3-4Turn ¼ L step L forward (1), Turn ½ L step R back (2), Turn ¼ L step L to L (3), Touch R next to L (4). (6.00)
5-6&7Step R to R Side (5), Step L behind R (6), Small step R to R side (&) Place L heel forward (angle your body slightly to L diagonal) (7).
&8Raise your R shoulder (&), Lower your R shoulder as you Raise your L shoulder (8).

Together, Jazzbox ¼, Rockstep, Ball, Rockstep
&1-2-3-4Step L next to R (&), Cross R over L (1), Turn ¼ R Step L back (2), Step R to R side (3), Small step L forward (4). (9.00)
5-6&Rock R to R side (5), Recover onto L (6), Step R next to L (&).
7-8Rock L to L side (7), Recover onto R (8).

Start again!

Tag: At the end of wall 4 (12.00)
1-2-3-4Cross L over R (1), Step R back (2), Step L to L side (4), Small step R forward (4).



Bettan April 4, 2017
A great improver dance to modern popmusic! Nothing hard, but still some cool steps that fits perfect to the music ! / Jessica

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