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Someone Else's Heartache

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Ron Bloye - U.K - July 2018
Someone Else's Heartache by Helena Mace – iTunes and Amazon.
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Intro:- 32 counts
#16 count Tag at end of wall 5 (See Below)

Sect 1: Side Behind - Side In Front - Rock and Cross.
1 - 2Step Right to Right - Step Left behind Right.
3 - 4Step Right to Right - Step Left in Front of Right.
5 – 6Rock out Right - Recover on Left.
7 - 8Cross Right over Left - Hold.

Sect 2: Side Behind ¼ turn – Step ½ Turn Step Right & Left Hold.
1 - 2Step Left to Left - Step Right behind Left.
3 - 4Step Left to Left ¼ Turn - Step Right in Front of Left.
5 - 6Step ½ Turn Left (Over Left Shoulder) Step Forward Right.
7 - 8Step Forward on Left – Hold.
Sect 3: Heel Struts Forward Right and Left x 2.
1-2Step Right Heel Forward - Drop Right Toe.
3-4Step Left Heel Forward - Drop Left Toe.
5-6Step Right Heel Forward - Drop Right Toe.
7-8Step Left Heel Forward. - Drop Left Toe.

Sect 4: Right Cross Rock Step, Side Hold-Left Cross Rock Step,1/4 Turn Hold.
1-2Cross Right Over Left - Recover on Left.
3-4Step Right to Right Side - Hold.
5-6Cross Left Over Right-Recover on Right.
7-8¼ Turn Left Stepping Forward Left - Hold. (12 o’clock)
Sect 5: Step Rt to Rt - Lt Behind Rt ¼ Turn Rt Hold - Step Fwd Lt. ½ Turn Rt. - Step Lt Hold.
1-2Step Right to Right Side - Step Left Behind Right.
3-4Step ¼ Right - Hold. (3 o’clock)
5-6Step Forward Left - Pivot ½ Turn on Right. (9 o’clock)
7-8Step Forward Left - Hold.

Sect 6: Run Forward - Left Right Left Hold - Left Mambo Step Hold.
1-2Run Forward Right - Run Forward Left.
3-4Run Forward Right – Hold.
5-6Rock Forward Left- Recover Right.
7-8Step Back on Left – Hold.

Sect 7: “K” Steps
1-2Step Right Forward - Touch Left beside Right.
3-4Step Left Back - Touch Right Next to Left .
5-6Step Back Right - Touch Left Beside Right.
7-8Step Forward Left - Touch Right Beside Left.

Sect 8: Make 2 - ¼ Turn Monterey Turns
1-2Point Right Toe to Right - Turn ¼ Turn - put Weight on Right.
3-4Point Left Toe to Left – Bring Left Next to Right - Put Weight on Left.
5-6Point Right Toe to Right - Turn ¼ Turn - put Weight on Right.
7-8Point Left Toe to Left - Bring Left Next to Right - Put Weight on Left.

TAG: 16 count Tag at end of wall 5 – Repeat Sect 7 and 8
This is introducing Helena Mace - U.K. Country singer from Bournemouth, singing her new song.

( 16:05:13)


Donna Beard August 17, 2018
Hi, in trying to learn this dance, I discovered that the description part of Sec. 6 is in error. The run pattern should be - right, left, right - as is described in the steps and also done by the dancers. Good dance.

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