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Something New

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Matt Atkinson (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - November 2012
Something New - Girls Aloud
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32 count intro - Start 0:16

SECTION 1: Kick-and-Step, Swivel x 3, Kick-and-Cross, Rock, Recover
1&2(1) Kick right forward (&) step right next to left, (2) step left slightly forward
3&4(3) on ball of right swivel heels right, (&) swivels heels back to centre, (4) swivel heels right
5&6(5) kick right forward, (&) step right next to left, (6) step left over right
7-8(7) rock right to right side, (8) recover weight onto left (12 O’Clock)

SECTION 2: And-Rock, Turn, Step-Turn-Turn, Roll, Roll, And-Bounce-And-Bounce
&1-2(&) step right next to left, (1) rock left out to left, (2) making ¼ turn left recover weight onto right
3&4(3) step back on left, (&) making ½ right step forward on right, (4) making ¼ right step left to left
5(5) rolling right knee clockwise step right diagonally right,
6(6) rolling left knee anti-clockwise step left diagonally left
&7&8(&) on ball of feet lift heels, (7) drop heels, (&) on balls of both feet lift heels (8) drop heels (6 O’Clock)

SECTION 3: And-Cross, Turn, Chasse-Turn, Cross, Rock-And, Cross [behind], Rock-And
&1-2(&) step on ball of left, (1) cross right over left, (2) make ¼ turn right stepping back on left
3&4(3&4) chasse with ¼ right
5-6&(5) cross left over right, (6) rock right out to right, (&) recover weight onto left
7-8&(7) step right BEHIND left, (8) rock left out to left,(&) recover weight onto right (12 O’Clock)

Section 4: Left Kick Ball Change, Rock, Recover, Shuffle Half Turn, Pivot Quarter Turn Left
1&2(1) kick left foot forward, (&) step ball of left next to right, (2) step right foot forward
3-4(3) rock forward on left, (4) recover weight back onto right
5&6shuffle half turn left: stepping left (5), right (&), left (6)
7-8(7) step forward right, (8) make ¼ turn left (3 O’Clock)

Tags: End of Wall 5 (facing 3 O’Clock), End of Wall 7 (9 O’Clock)
1 - 4Slightly step right to the right (1), hold (2, 3, 4).

Section 2 - 5-6&7&8 - slightly bend knees during these counts
Tag - turn head slightly to the right, looking at the floor



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