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Sommer i Sønderho

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Annette Dida Nielsen (DK) - July 2019
Sommer i Sønderho - Fenders
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Koreograferet på foranledning af 10. gang Fanø Linedance Træf / FUF i Juli 2019.
Dedicated to the 10th time of Fanø Linedance Træf FUF in July 2019.

Intro: 16 counts – 16 sec.
Ending: After wall 12 – ta da!
[1 – 8] Vine R with point, Rolling vine L
1-2Step R to R side (1), Cross L behind R (2),
3-4Step R to R side (3), Point L to L side and clap (4)
5-6¼ Turn left step L fw (5), ½ Turn left step R back (6)
7-8¼ Turn left step L to left side (7), Touch R next to L (8)
[9 – 16] Rocking chair R, Jazzbox
1-2Rock fwd on R (1), Recover back on L (2),
3-4Rock back on R (3), Recover fwd on L (4)
5-6Cross R over L (5), Step back on L (6)
7-8Step R to R side (7), Step forward on L (8)
[17 – 24] Diagonal step forward R L, Diagonal step back R L
1-2Step R diagonally forward R (1), touch L next to R and clap (2)
3-4Step R diagonally forward L (3), touch R next to L and clap (4)
5-6Step R diagonally back R (5), touch L next to R and clap (6)
7-8Step R diagonally back L (7), touch R next to L and clap (8)
[25 – 32] Scissor step R, Hold, ¼ R x 2, Cross, Hold
1-2Step R to R side (1), Step L together (2)
3-4Cross R over L (3), Hold (4)
5-6Turn ¼ R by step back on L (5), Turn ¼ R stepping R to R side (6)
7-8Cross L over R (7), Hold and clap (8)

Last Update - 2 Aug 2019


JM_03 July 29, 2019
Steps 17-24 need attention/correction - step description does not match S3 heading or the demo.

Dida July 30, 2019
Thank you JM_03.
I send my correction yesterday.

JM_03 August 3, 2019
Nearly there Annette! Count 19 should be "step L diagonally fwd L"; count 23 "step L diagonally back L" ???

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