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Soul Food

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Silvia Schill (DE) - August 2021
Soul Food - Keith Urban
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The dance begins after 48 beats with 'Every Night That I've Been 2'. Update 15.08.2021 - no restarts, no tags

Rock side, shuffle across r + l
1-2Step right with right - weight back on LF
3&4Cross RF far over left - small step left with left and cross RF far over left
5-6Step left with left - weight back on RF
7&8Cross LF far over right - small step right with right and cross LF far over right

Side, behind, ¼ turn r/chassé forward, step, pivot ½ r, shuffle forward
1-2Step right with right - cross LF behind right (bend knees a little)
3&4¼ turn right around and step forward with right - move LF next to right and step forward with right (3 o'clock)
5-6Step forward with left - ½ turn right around on both balls, weight at the end right (9 o'clock)
7&8Step forward with left - move RF next to left and step forward with left

Rocking chair, step, pivot ½ l 2x
1-2Step forward with right - weight back on LF
3-4Step back with right - weight back on LF
5-6Step forward with right - ½ turn left around on both balls, weight at the end left (3 o'clock)
7-8As 5-6 (9 o'clock)

Jazz box with cross, side, touch/snap r + l
1-2Cross RF over left - step back with left
3-4Step left with left - cross RF over left
5-6Step right with right - touch LF next to right/snap
7-8Step left with left - touch RF next to left/snap

Repeat to the end


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