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Soul Shake

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Fred Whitehouse (Ireland) August 2019
Soul Shake by Tommy Castro
Intro – 80 Count from start of track, on Lyrics

[1-8] Grapevine L, Chasse L, Rock back, Recover
1-4Step LF to L, step RF behind L, step LF to L, cross RF over L
5&6Step LF to L, close RF next to L, step LF to L,
7,8Rock RF behind L, recover on L

[9-16] Monterey Turns x 2
1,2Point RF to R, ¼ turn R closing RF next to L
3,4Point LF to L, close LF next to R
5,6Point RF to R, ¼ turn R closing RF next to L
7,8Point LF to L, close LF next to R (Add Claps when you collect feet)

[17-24] Rock Recover, Behind, Rock Recover, Behind, Side, Cross
1-4Rock RF to R, recover on to L, step RF behind L, rock LF to L
5-8Recover on to R, step LF behind R, step RF to R, cross LF over R

[25-32] Stomp, Heel Toe Walk in x2
1-4Stomp RF forward to R diagonal, swivel L heel in, swivel L toe in, swivel L heel in
5-8Stomp LF forward to L diagonal, swivel R heel in, swivel R toe in, swivel R heel in

[33-40] Twist R, Clap, Twist L, Clap
1-4Twist both heels to R, twist both toes to R, twist both heels to R, clap
5-8Repeat to L side (body ends on slight diagonal 7.30)

[41-48] Toe Strut x2, Walk x 2, Step forward, Pivot ¼ Turn L
1-4Touch R toe forward, step R heel down, touch L toe forward, step L heel down (keep body on angle to R diagonal)
5-8Walk forward R, L, R, pivot ¼ turn L placing weight on L

[49-56] Step Point, Step Scuff, Jazzbox
1-4Step RF forward, point LF to L, step LF forward, scuff RF forward
5-8Cross RF over L, step LF back, step RF to R, cross LF over R

[57-64] Toe Heel x2, Step, Close, Heel Bounces x2
1-4Touch R toe to R, touch R heel to R, touch R toe to R, touch R heel to R
5-8Step RF forward, close LF next to R, bounce heels x2

Smile, Let the music take control 

Last Update – 23 Aug. 2019


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