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(Sounds Good) Don't It? 4-2 (P)

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Beginner Partner
Lynne Flanders, CT (Dec 2014)
"Don't It" - Billy Currington
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(Starts on vocals)

(1-8) Shuffle Forward, Rock/Sway, Shuffle Forward, Rock/Sway (LOD)
Partners – side-by-side – Right hands joined over ladies shoulder, Left hands in front of man
1&2Step Forward, Together, Forward (RLR)
3,4Step Left pushing Hips to Left, Shift weight & Sway Hips to the Right (LR)
5&6Step Forward, Together, Forward (LRL)
7,8Step Right pushing Hips to Right, Shift weight & Sway Hips to the Left (RL)

(9-16) Shuffle Forward, Walk Forward, Step-Pivot 1/4-Cross, Out Out
1&2Step Forward, Together, Forward (RLR)
3,4Step Forward, Step Forward (LR)
5&6Step Forward, Pivot 1/4 Right, Cross-step in front (LRL)
Lady is now in front of the man – facing out – Hands joined over lady’s shoulders
7,8Step Apart, Step Apart (RL)

(17-24) Hip Bumps (like Tush Push) (still Facing out)
1&2Bump Hips (R&R)
3&4Bump Hips (L&L)
5,6,7,8Sway Hips (RLRL = side to side or figure 8 or in circle)

(25-32) Shuffle ¼ Right, Step Pivot 1/2 Right, Cross-Rock-Step, Stomp x2
1&2Step Side, Together, Side turning ¼ Right (RLR) (RLOD)
Dropping Right Hands & Raising Joined Left Hands over Lady’s Head -
3,4Step Forward-Left, Pivot 1/2 Right (Weight to Right) (LR) (LOD)
Rejoin & lift Right Hands for Lady to go under while Dropping Left hands to
Rejoin Left hands in front to end in original position
5&6Cross-Step Left over Right, Recover Back to Right foot, Step Left (LRL)
7,8Stomp Right beside Left twice (no weight)

Repeat & Have FUN!

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Last Update - 28th Dec 2014


Lynne December 28, 2014
sorry about the typo in the "title" part of (25-32). It should read Step Pivot 1/2 (not 1/4).

Lynne December 28, 2014
Make sure to check out the companion line dance - Thanks!

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