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Sour Candy

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Carlton Thompson (USA) & Rebecca Lee (MY) - June 2020
Sour Candy - Lady Gaga (feat. Blackpink)
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Restart: 1 (Wall 6, after 24 counts)

SECTION 1 [1-8] Walk X4, Tap, Point, Hold, Ball-Step, Hold, Hold
1-2Walk R forward, Walk L forward.
3-4Walk R forward, Walk L forward.
&5-6Tap R next to L, Point R to right, Hold
&7&8Step R next to L, Step L to left diagonally (10:30), Hold, Hold
1-4Place both arms in front and open arms up to each side (as you walk forward)
&5-6Point right elbow to right, swing right arm across chest and go up.
&8Bring both hands to chest (elbows facing outwards) and bring hands towards chest, push arms away from chest

SECTION 2 [9-16] Heel Dig, ¼ Turn Right, Coaster Step, Knee Pop X2, Knee Twists
1-2Heel Dig with R foot, ¼ turn left with right heel (2:30).
3&4Step R back, Step L next to right, Step R forward.
5&6Bring R knee up by placing weight back on left, R Ball-Step forward, Bring R knee up by placing weight back on left.
7&8R Ball-Step, Twist R Knee to right side, Twist R knee back towards center.
5&6Have both arms near waist and pop up 2x (5-6) or “Up, Down, Up”

SECTION 3 [17-24] 1/8 Turn Left, Rock-Recover, Vine Left, Rock-Recover, ½ Turn Sailor Left
1-2Make 1/8 turn left by rocking R to right (12:00), Recover to L.
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to left, Cross R over L.
5-6Rock L to left, Recover to R.
7&8Make ¼ turn left by swinging L behind R (9:00), Make ¼ turn left by step R to right (6:00), Step L forward.

SECTION 4 [25-32] Point and Point, Heel and Step, (“Moon Walks”) or Step Drag X2
1&2&Point R to right, Bring R to center, Point L to left, Bring L to center.
3&4R forward heel tap, Bring R to center, Step L forward.
5-6Step R forward, Drag L back from center.
7-8Step L forward, Drag R back from center.

Contact Information:
Carlton Thompson, United States (USA)
YouTube: (Please Like, Subscribe, and Hit the Notification Bell)
Facebook: ThompsonCarlton
Instagram: Thompson_Car

Rebecca Lee, Malaysia
YouTube: (Please Like, Subscribe, and Hit the Notification Bell)
Facebook: Rebecca.lee.1232
Instagram: becky_sk


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