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Southside Girl (P)
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Pattern Partner
Christopher Petre, 2/18/2017
"Body Like a Back Road" by Sam Hunt
Alt. music:-
“Drink on it” by Blake Shelton
“Star of the Show” by Thomas Rhett

Start in a closed position Man facing FLOD (Lady’s R hand in Man’s L, Lady’s Left hand on Man’s Shoulder, Man’s R hand at small of Lady’s back,
NOTE: Lady’s footwork is opposite except as noted

[1-8], Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Rock, Recover 1/2 R Shuffle
1,2Walk forward L, R
3&4Shuffle forward L,R,L
5,6Rock forward on R, recover on L
7&8Shuffle back R,L,R while turning 1/2 right to face RLOD (still in closed position)

[9-16], Rock, Recover , Shuffle backwards, 1/4 R into 4-count Weave
1,2Rock forward on L, recover on R
3&4Shuffle straight back R,L,R
5,6MAN: turn 1/4 right to face ILOD step R to right side, cross L over R
5,6LADY: turn 1/4 right step L to left side, step R back behind L
7,8MAN: step R to right side, step L behind R
7,8LADY: L to left side, cross R over L

[17-24], Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Sway, Sway, Side, Cross Rock, Recover
1,2MAN: keeping Lady’s R hand, break contact (no longer in closed position) as you step R to right and slightly back, cross rock on L over R bringing Lady’s hand “through” to FLOD (note: both dancers are rocking forward towards each other)
1,2LADY: step L to left and slightly back, cross R over L
3,4MAN: recover weight back onto R, rejoin Lady’s L hand and sway L
3,4LADY: recover weight back onto L, sway R
5,6MAN: sway R, release L hand keeping Lady’s L hand in your R and step L to left and slightly back
5,6LADY: sway L, step R to right and slightly back
7,8MAN: cross rock on R over L bringing Lady’s hand “through” to RLOD, recover weight back onto L
7,8LADY: cross rock L over R, recover weight back onto L

[25-32], Side Shuffle R, 1/2 R Side shuffle L, 1/2 R Side shuffle R, Cross, Kick
1&2MAN: rejoin hands and side shuffle to right R,L,R (traveling towards LOD)
1&2LADY: side shuffle to left L,R,L (traveling towards LOD)
3&4MAN: release R hand and keeping Lady’s R hand turn 1/2 right (facing OLOD) side shuffle to left L,R,L (towards LOD)
3&4LADY: turn 1/2 left (facing ILOD) side shuffle to right R,L,R (towards LOD)
5&6MAN: release hands and turn 1/2 right (facing ILOD) side shuffle to right R,L,R (towards LOD) and rejoin hands
5&6LADY: turn 1/2 left (facing ILOD) side shuffle to right L,R,L (towards LOD)
7,8MAN: cross step L over right to stand alongside Lady (L hip to L hip), kick R forward (outstretch arms- arms are in front of Partner’s chest)
7,8LADY: step R to right diagonal to stand alongside Man ( L hip to L hip), kick L

[33-40], Rock, Recover, “Wrap” w/ 1/4 R, Rock, Recover, “Unwrap” w/Shuffle R
1,2MAN: rock back on R, bring L hand between you and the Lady as you recover weight forward onto the L
1,2LADY: rock hand on the L, recover forward on the R
3,4MAN: bringing the L hand over turn the lady left (counterclockwise to face the same direction as you) as you step forward on R, turn 1/4 R
(couple now standing side by side FLOD) stepping L next to right
3,4LADY: step forward on L turning 1/4 left, step R next to left
5,6MAN: rock back on R, raise L hand as you recover weight forward onto the L
5,6LADY: rock back on L, recover forward on R
7&8MAN: shuffle forward R,L,R as you turn the Lady right (clockwise-leading with your L hand) resume closed position by place R hand on the small of Lady’s back
7&8LADY: shuffle L,R,L as you turn 1/2 R to face Man (RLOD)


Contact: PetreThePirate@MutinyOnTheDanceFloor.com

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