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Spaceships and Moonbeams

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Easy Intermediate
Harry Seddon
Spaceships and Moonbeams by Bethan Funning, (Finalist in Young Songwriters Competition) Approx 100bpm
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Available from itunes, (a % of the cost will go to Barnados Charity)
8 Count introduction.

Section1: Right Chasse, Step ½ Pivot. Left Chasse, Step ½ Pivot
1&2Step R to right side, step L alongside R, step R to right side.
3, 4Step fwd on left, ½ pivot turn right.
5&6Step L to left side, step R alongside L, step L to left side.
7, 8Step fwd on right, ½ pivot turn left, (weight on left) (12.00)

Section 2: Step Fwd, Touch, ¼ Turn, Touch. Step Fwd, Touch, ¼ Turn, Touch.
1, 2Step fwd on right, touch L alongside right
3, 4Step L ¼ turn left, touch R alongside left
5 - 8Repeat 1 – 4. (6.00)

Section 3: ½ Figure Of Eight Vine
1, 2Step R to right side, cross step left behind right.
3, 4Step R ¼ turn right, step L fwd.
5, 6½ pivot turn right, ¼ turn right stepping L to Left side.
7, 8Cross step R behind left, step L to left side. (6.00)

Section 4: ½ Figure Of Eight Vine
1, 2Cross step R behind left, step L ¼ turn left.
3, 4Step fwd on R, ½ pivot turn left.
5, 6¼ turn left stepping R to right side, cross step L behind right.
7, 8Step R to right side, cross step L over right. (6.00)

Section 5: Side Rock, Recover ¼. ½ Turn Left x 2. Step, ¼ pivot, Cross, Hold
1, 2Rock R to right side, recover onto left making ¼ turn left.
3, 4½ turn left stepping back onto right, ½ turn left stepping fwd onto left.
5, 6Step fwd onto right, ¼ pivot turn left.
7, 8Cross step R over left, hold. (12.00).

Section 6: Cross, Hold. ¼ Turn, Cross. Step Back. ¼ Turn, Sway x 2.
1, 2Cross step L over right, hold.
3, 4¼ turn L stepping back on right, cross step left over right..
5, 6Step back on right, ¼ turn left stepping L to left side.* RESTART *
7, 8Sway right, sway left. (6.00).


(1 Restart Wall 5. - 4 Count Tag After walls 2, 3,4)

TAG (Danced after walls 2, 3, 4)
Cross, Step Back ½ turn. Step Fwd, ½ Pivot, Step Fwd.
1&2Cross step R over left, step back on left, ½ turn right stepping fwd on R.
3&4Step fwd on L, ½ pivot turn right, step fwd on left.

During Wall 5 music slows, (from count 25), keep dancing at same speed and restart after count 46 facing back, (as beat comes back in on ‘Spaceships’)

( 14:28:33)


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