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Absolute Beginner
Gaye Teather (UK) - March 2015
Squeegee - Donny Richmond
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#16 count intro. 6 seconds - Dance rotates in CCW direction

Toe strut forward x 2. Kick. Kick. Back. Hook
1 – 2Step Right toe forward. Drop Right heel to floor
3 – 4Step Left toe forward. Drop Left heel to floor
5 – 6Kick Right foot forward twice
7 – 8Step back on Right. Hook Left in front of Right shin

Step forward. Together. Step forward. Hitch. Small running steps back x 3. Touch
1 – 2Step forward on Left. Step Right beside Left
3 – 4Step forward on Left. Hitch Right knee
5 – 6Walk back Right. Walk back Left
7 – 8Walk back Right. Touch Left beside Right

Side Left. Touch. Side Right. Touch. Vine Left. Touch
1 – 2Step Left to Left side. Touch Right beside Left.
3 – 4Step Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right
5 – 6Step Left to Left side. Cross Right behind Left
7 – 8Step Left to Left side. Tough Right beside Left

Quarter turn Right stomp. Hold. Forward Left stomp. Hold. Small running steps forward x 4
1 – 2Quarter turn Right stomping Right foot forward. Hold (Facing 3 o’clock)
3 – 4Stomp left foot forward. Hold
5 – 6Small running steps forward Right. Left
7 – 8Small running steps forward Right. Left
(On counts 5 – 8 dip knees slightly as you run forward and use very small steps)

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