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Start Of A Brand New Day

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Improver / Intermediate NC2S style
Peter Davenport (ES) March 2020
Brand New Day - David Nail
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#16 Count Intro, Start on Lyrics, Track Length 4.47

S1: NC2, Slide R Rock Replace, Modified Rumba, Syncopated Rock Step, Walk Back, Hinge 1/2 R
1.2&Slide R to R, Rock L behind R, Recover on R 12
3&4&51/8th L step L, Bring R to L, Step L forward, Step R to R, Bring L to R 10
6&7&8Rock back on R, Recover L, Rock forward R, Recover L, Step back on R 10
&1Step back L, Hinge 1/2 R, step on R 5

S2: Step L Pivot 1/2 R, Side Rock Replace Cross Side, Reverse Coaster Step Mambo 1/8th R Slide R
2.3Step L forward, Pivot 1/2 R (weight on R) 10
&4&5Rock L out to L, Recover R, Cross L over R, Step R to R 10
6&7Reverse L coaster step 10
8&1Rock R forward, 1/8TH L recover on L, Slide R to R 12

S3: NC2 Rock Back Replace, Cross Side Behind, Cross Unwind 1/2, Cross 1/4,1/4, Cross Side Behind, Slide
2&3Rock L behind R, Recover R, Step L to L 12
&4&5Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Cross R over L, Unwind 1/2 L (weight on L)6
6&7&Cross R over L, 1/4 R step L back, 1/4 R step R, Cross L over R 12
8&1Step R to R, Cross L behind R, Slide R to R 12

S4: Rock 1/4 L, Step 1/2 Step, Rock Replace Slide Back, Touch Back 1/4 Turn (Rock L)
2&3Rock L behind R, Recover R, 1/4 L step L (weight on L) 9
4&5Step forward R, Pivot 1/2 L, Step forward on R 3
6&7Rock forward on L, Recover on R, Step back on L, (whilst dragging R heel back no weight) 3
8&Touch R toe back, Hinge 1/4 R (rock out on L weight stays on L) 6

This track is quite long 4.47 and as I have made it a 2 wall dance if you wish you may want to reduce the run time…………..However I do have an Edited version if anyone wants me to Share it with them. 4.01


( 12:50:53)


linda LITTLEWOOD March 29, 2020
Well done Mr D

linda LITTLEWOOD March 29, 2020
Lock down is just getting better xxx

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