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Debbie Nishiki (USA) - March 2018
Lay Low - Blake Shelton : (Album: Based on a True Story)
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Intro: Start dance on “of Patron” in the lyrics “Think I'll grab a bottle “of Patron”

S1 (1-8) Vine right, touch, Vine left, touch (12:00) (Option: Rolling Vine)
1-2-3-4Step right to right side, cross left behind right, step right to right side, touch left beside right
5-6-7-8Step left to left side, cross right behind left, step left to left side, touch right beside left
(Wall 5: Restart point)

S2 (1-8) Walk Walk, (Option: Full turn) RF Shuffle forward, LF Rock recover, LF Shuffle back
1-2Walk R L
3&4Step forward on right, step left beside right, step forward on right
5-6Rock forward left, recover back right
7&8Step back on left, step right beside left, step back on left

S3 (1-8) Right Rock Back, ½ Shuffle turn, Left Rock Back, ½ Shuffle Turn
1-2Rock back right, recover left
3&4Make ½ shuffle turn left stepping RLR (6:00)
5-6Rock back left, recover right
7&8Make ½ shuffle turn right stepping LRL (12:00)

S4 (1-8) Rock Back Right, Left ½ Pivot (6:00), Roll hips for 4 counts to the left
1-2Rock back right, recover left
3-4Step forward on right foot, make a left ½ pivot turn
5-6-7-8Roll hip counter clockwise Left, making 1/8 paddle turn (x2) to left (3:00)

(Start Over)

Tag: Side Steps:
1-2-3-4Step right to side, close left to right, step right to side, touch left next to right
5-6-7-8Step left to side, close right to left, step left to side, touch right next to left

Wall 5: Facing 12:00 wall, dance first 8 counts, add the Tag and Restart the dance

Ending: On Wall 11 (facing 3:00) Dance 4 count vine right, 4 count vine left and ¼ turn left (12:00) and “bow”

Enjoy y'all!!


Last Update – 6th March 2018


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