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Step on the Scene

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Dee Musk (UK) - June 2018
Snakes - Deva Mahal : (Album: Run Deep)
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#32 Quick Beat Count In. Approx 11 seconds - Track approx. 3 mins 21 secs - BPM 168.

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Side, Touch, Side, Diagonal Kick, Sailor Step, Diagonal Kick.
1-4Step R to R side, touch L beside R, step L to L side, kick R to R diagonal.
5-8Cross step R behind L, step L to L side, step R to R side, kick L to L diagonal. (12 o’clock).

Behind, ¼ Turn R, Step, Hold, ½ Turn R, Hold, Run L, R.
1-4Cross step L behind R, make ¼ turn R stepping forward on R, step forward on L, Hold count 4.
5-8Make ½ turn R transferring weight to R, hold count 6, run forward L, R. (9 o’clock).

Forward, Touch, Back, Kick, Back, Together, Swivet.
1-4Step forward on L, touch R toe behind L, step back on R, kick L forward.
5,6Step back on L, step R beside L.
7,8On heel of R twist R toe to R, on ball of L twist L heel to L, recover to centre (weight on L). (9 o’clock).
**Restart 2 – (during wall 7) begin again facing 12 0’clock wall.
Side, Close, Cross, Hold, ¼ Turn R, Hitch, ½ Turn R with Run R, L.
1-4Step R to R side, step L beside R, cross R over L, hold count 4.
5,6Make ¼ turn R stepping back on L, hitch R knee.
7,8Make ½ turn R stepping forward and step R, step forward L. (6 o’clock).
*Restart 1 – (during wall 4) begin again facing 9 0’clock wall.

Step, ¼ Turn R with L Hitch, Cross, Hold, Hinge ½ Turn L, Cross, Touch.
1-4Step forward on R, make ¼ turn R hitching L knee, cross L over R, hold count 4.
5,6Make ¼ turn L stepping back on R, make ¼ turn L stepping L to L side.
7,8Cross step R slightly over L, touch L toe behind R. (3 o’clock).

Back, Sweep R, Back, Sweep L, Behind, Side, Cross, Hold.
1,2Step back on L, sweep R to behind L.
3,4Step back on R, sweep L to behind R.
5-8Cross step L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R, hold count 8. (3 o’clock).

Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Hold, ¾ Triple Turn L, Hold.
1-4Rock R to R side, recover weight to L, cross step R behind L, hold count 4.
5-8Make ¾ turn L stepping L, R, L, hold count 8. (6 o’clock).

Triple ½ Turn R, Sweep, Cross, ¼ Turn L, Side, Touch.
1-4Make ½ turn R stepping R, L, R, sweep L.
5-8Cross L over R, make ¼ turn L stepping back on R, step L to L side, touch R beside L. (9 o’clock).

Restart 1 during wall 4, dance up to and including count 32, begin again facing 9 o’clock wall.
Restart 2 during wall 7, dance up to and including count 24, begin again facing 12 o’clock wall.

Optional Ending; Dance counts 1 – 6 of Section 8 (you will be facing 6 o’clock) then, make ½ turn L stepping forward on L, step R to R side. Finish facing 12 o’clock Wall.


Contact: Dee – 07814 295470


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