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Step That Step

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Yvonne Anderson (SCO) - January 2014
Step That Step - Sawyer Brown : (CD: The Best of Sawyer Brown)
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S1: Jazz Box With Toe Struts, Forward Shuffle, Walk x 2
1 &Step right toe across left. Drop right heel taking weight.
2 &Step left toe back. Drop left heel taking weight.
3 &Step right toe to right side. Drop right heel taking weight.
4 &Step left toe slightly forward. Drop left heel taking weight.
5 & 6Step right forward. Close left beside right.
7 – 8Walk forward left. Walk forward right.

S2: Hip Bumps, Side Touch Right & Left, Shuffle 1/4 Turn
1 – 2Step left to side (feet apart) and bump hips left. Bump hips right (weight onto right).
3 & 4With feet apart, bump hips - left, right, left (weight ends on left).
Tag Wall 5: Dance 2-count Tag at this point then start the dance again, facing 6:00.
5 & 6 &Step right to side. Touch left beside right. Step left to side. Touch right beside left.
7 & 8Step right to side. Close left beside right. Turn 1/4 right stepping right forward. (3:00)

S3: Heel, Toe, Step, Pivot 1/4, Cross, Diagonal Lock Step x 2
1 – 2Touch left heel forward. Touch left toe back.
3 & 4Step left forward. Pivot 1/4 turn right. Cross left over right. (6:00)
5 & 6Step right forward to right diagonal. Lock left behind right. Step right forward. (7:30)
7 & 8Step left forward to left diagonal. Lock right behind left. Step left forward. (4:30)

S4: Heel Dig, Heel Dig, Behind Side Cross (x 2) Hip Bumps
1 – 2Touch right heel forward to right diagonal twice. (7:30)
3 & 4(Squaring up to wall) Cross right behind left. Step left to side. Cross right over left.
5 – 6Touch left heel forward to left diagonal twice. (4:30)
7 & 8(Squaring up to wall) Cross left behind right. Step right to side. Cross left over right.
9 – 10Step right to side and bump hips right. Bump hips left (weight onto left).

Tag Wall 5, after count 12: Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn
1 – 2Step right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn left.
Then start the dance again from the beginning (facing 6:00).


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