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Stepping Out With My Baby

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High Beginner
Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - June 2014
Stepping out with My Baby - Anthony Strong : (Album: Stepping Out - iTunes)
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Intro: 16 counts (start just before vocals)

[1-8] Slow Walks (Cross, Side), Cross, Side Rock 1/4 turn, Step
1-2Cross R over L(1), hold, click R fingers(2)
3-4Step L to left(3), hold, click R fingers(4)
(Styling: lean body right on the first 4 counts)
5-6Cross R over L(5), Rock L to left(6)
7-8Turning 1/4 right, recover weight onto R(7), step L forward(8) (3.00)

[9-16] Charleston, 1/2 turn Charleston
1-2Step R forward(1), kick L forward(2)
3-4Step L back(3), Touch R toe back(4)
5-6Turn 1/2 right and step R forward(5), kick L forward(6) (9.00)
7-8Step L back(7), touch R toe back(8)

[17-24] Cross Point (4x)
1-2Cross R over L(1), point L toe to left, angle upper body into right diagonal(2)
3-4Cross L over R(3), point R to right, angle upper body into left diagonal(4)
5-6Cross R over L(5), point L toe to left, angle upper body into right diagonal(6)
7-8Cross L over R(7), point R to right, angle upper body into left diagonal(8)
(Styling: For these 8 counts, you can pretend that you are wearing a top hat and holding its rim with your right hand)

[&25-32] Step Point, Drag, Touch, Full Unwind
&1-4Step R beside L(&), point L to left, bending R knee(1), drag L to R for 3 courts, slowly standing upright(2-3-4)
5-8Touch L toe behind R(5), slowly unwind full turn left for 3 counts, with weight ending on L(6-7-8) (9.00)
(Hands: Keep both arms at sides, hands flexed, palms facing down and fingers pointed to the sides for these 8 counts)

Restart - No Tags, No Restarts

Ending: On Wall 12, do the first 8 counts(you’ll be facing 6.00 at this stage), then turn ½ right to end facing 12.00 (keep the weight on L). Slowly spread your arms from bottom up the sides(wiggling your out-spread fingers at the same time) and smile… :D


Contact Yu Puay:

Last Update 13th June 2014


Yada November 29, 2014
Use this dance to get new dancers use to doing a full turn, as the music is slow enough for them to feel they can confidently do a full turn.

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