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Improver / Easy Intermediate
Gaye Teather (UK) - May 2013
Haven't Had a Drink All Day - Toby Keith : (CD: Hope On The Rocks.)
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Intro: 16 counts from first heavy beat

Touch out. Together. Stomp. Stomp. Tap. Kick. Behind. Side
1 – 2Touch Right toes to Right side. Step Right beside Left
3 – 4Stomp Left beside Right. Stomp Right beside Left
5 – 6Tap Left beside Right. Kick Left diagonally forward Left
7 – 8Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side

Weave Right. Cross rock. Quarter turn Left. Brush
1 – 2Cross Left over Right. Step Right to Right side
3 – 4Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side
5 – 6Cross rock Left over Right. Recover onto Right
7 – 8Quarter turn Left stepping forward on Left. Brush Right forward (Facing 9 o’clock)

Right Rocking chair. Full turn Left (travelling forward). Hitch
1 – 2Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
3 – 4Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left
5 – 6Half turn Left stepping back on Right. Half turn Left stepping forward on Left (Facing 9 o’clock)
7 – 8Step forward on Right. Hitch Left
(Easy option for steps 5 – 8: Run forward Right. Left. Right. Hitch Left)

Run back x 3. Touch. Quarter Monterey turn Right
1 – 2Run back Left. Right
3 – 4Run back Left. Touch Right beside Left
5 – 6Point Right to Right side. Quarter turn Right stepping Right beside Left (Facing 12 o’clock)
7 – 8Point Left to Left side. Step Left beside Right
*Restart from the beginning at this point during walls 3 and 6 (Facing12 o’clock each time)

Heel stands forward and apart. Back. Together. Stomp forward. Bounce half turn Left
1 – 2Step Right heel diagonally forward Right. Step Left heel diagonally forward Left
3 – 4Step Right back to centre. Step Left back to centre
5 – 8Stomp Right foot forward. Bounce heels three times making half turn Left (weight on Right) (Facing 6 o’clock)
Styling note: Dip knees and push Right shoulder forward with each heel bounce whilst turning)

Run back x 3. Hitch. Run forward x 4
1 – 4Run back Left. Right. Left. Hitch Right (lean back slightly as you hitch)
5 – 8Run forward Right. Left. Right. Left

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