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Beginner / Intermediate Partner
Claude Dufresne (CAN) & Manon Lamothe (CAN) - 2021
Come as You Are - Tenille Townes
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Start Position: Sweetheart facing L.O.D. Man and Lady’s steps are Like footwork except where noted.
Intro :16 count

(1-8 ) Rock Step, Back, Lock, Back, Shuffle ½ turn, Step, Heel Swivel
1-2Rock R forward - Back on L
3&4Step R back, lock L in front of R, step R back.
Release L hands
5&6Shuffle L, R, L, ½ turn L
Reverse Skater position, R hands behind the man's back, L hands forward, facing O.L.O.D
7&8Step R forward - Pivot R heel to the R- Return R heel to center

(9-16) Coaster Step, Rock Step, Shuffle ½ turn, Cross, Back
1&2Step R back – Step L next to R – Step L forward
3-4Rock L forward - Back on R
Let go R hands
5&6Shuffle L, R, L, ½ turn L
Resume R hands in Sweetheart position facing L, O, D.
7-8Cross R in front of L - Return to L
Restart At this point of the dance

(17-24) Pivot ¼ turn Stomp Down, Hold, Behind-Side-Cross, Side Rock Step, Behind, Step ¼ turn, Walk, Walk
1-2Pivot ¼ turn R and R stomp down - Pause
3&4Cross L behind R - Step R to R side - Cross L in front of R
5-6Rock R to the R - Back on the L
7&8&Cross R behind L- Step L ¼ turn L- Step R forward - Step L forward
(25-32) (Walk, Walk, Step, Lock, Step, Scuff) x2
1-2Step R forward – Step L forward.
3&4&Step R forward diagonally to the R - Lock L behind R - Step R diagonally to the R - Scuff L
5-6Step L forward - Step R forward
7&8&Step L forward diagonally to the L - Lock R behind L - Step L diagonally to the L - Scuff R
Restart On the 3rd routine of the dance, do the first 16 counts then, restart the dance from the beginning

Note This dance can be done at the same time as and is inspired by:
Party on the Rooftop (beginner-intermediate line) by Jo Boocock and Bex Roper (NZ)


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