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Stop Me
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High Improver
Heather Barton (May 2018)
Stop Me (If You've Heard It All Before) by Billy Ocean
Intro: 40 counts…start on vocals

Step Right Fwd, ½ Turn, Shuffle Back Right, Back Rock, Kick Ball Step
1,2Step Right forward, ½ turn right stepping back on Left
3&4Step right back, step left beside right, step right back
5,6Rock back on Left, recover
7&8.Kick left forward, step onto ball of left, step forward right

Cross L Point, Cross R Point, (moving slightly fwd), Weave, point R
1,2,,3,4Cross Left over Right, point Right to side, Cross Right over Left, point Left to side
5,6,7,8Cross Left over Right, step Right to right, Cross Left behind Right, point Right to side

Behind, ¼ Left, Right shuffle fwd, Left Rocking Chair
1,2Step Right behind Left, ¼ turn left stepping Left forward
3&4Step right forward, place left beside right, step forward right
5,6,7,8Rock forward on Left, recover on Right, Rock back on Left, recover on Right

Step ¼, Step ¼, Cross Side, Behind Side Cross
1,2,3,4Step forward on Left, pivot ¼ turn right, Step forward on Left, pivot ¼ turn right
5,6Cross Left over Right, step Right to Right
7&8Cross Left behind Right, step Right to right side, cross Left over Right

Step side, Touch, Step side,Touch, ¼ side,Touch, Step side, Touch
1,2,3,4Step Right to right, touch Left next to Right, Step Left to left, touch Right next to Left
5,6¼ turn left stepping Right to Right, touch Left next to Right
7,8Step Left to left, touch Right next to Left

Right, Hold, Ball Side, Touch, Side, Behind, Left Chasse
1,2Step Right to right side, hold
&3,4(&) step on Left next to Right, step Right to right, touch left
5,6Step Left to left, cross Right behind left
7&8Step left to left side, step right beside left, step left to left side
(Alternative steps last 4 counts.. full turn left into side chasse)

Kick Ball Change, Kick Ball Change, Step Point, Step Point
1&2Kick Right, step on Right, step Left in place
3&4Kick Right, step on Right, step Left in place
5,6,7,8Step forward on Right, point Left to left, Step forward on Left, point Right to right
Jazz Box ¼ Turn Right, Right Rocking Chair
1,2Cross Right over Left, step back on Left
3,4¼ turn right stepping Right to right, step Left next to Right
5,6,7,8Rock forward on Right, recover onto Left, Rock back on Right, recover onto Left
Tag: at the end of walls 3 & 5
Figure Of 8 Full Turn
1-4Step right to right side, left behind right, ¼ turn right stepping forward on right, Step left forward
5-8¾ turn right stepping onto right, step left to left, right behind, left to left

Dance finishes front wall dance up to count 50 (kick ball change ) TA DA Happy dancing xx

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