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Sucker For You

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High Beginner
Taren Gaia (SA) - July 2019
Sucker - Jonas Brothers
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Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] Out, Out, Elvis Knees (R,L,R), Knee twist out, Weave
1-2Step RF to R Side, Step LF to L Side
3-4Bend R Knee inwards towards L Knee, Bend L Knee inwards towards R Knee as you straighten R Knee
5-6Bend R Knee inwards towards L Knee as you straighten L Knee, Twist R Knee outwards to R
7&8Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L Side, Step RF over LF
~ Restart here, replace count 7&8 with a recover onto LF (7), tap RF to LF with hand clad (8)

[9-16] Side Rock Recover (L,R), Forward Rock Recover, Triple Step Back
1-2&Step LF to L side, Recover weight onto RF, Step LF to RF switching weight to LF
3-4&Step RF to R side, Recover weight onto LF, Step RF to LF switching weight to RF
5-6Step LF forward, recover weight onto RF
7&8Step LF back, Step RF to LF, Step LF Back

[17-24] 1/4 Turn Side Touch (claps hands) Arm combination (Up, Crossed, Out), Lunge, Recover with ¼ Turn
1-2Making and 1/4 Step RF to R side, Step LF to RF (Clap hands as you touch)
3&4Place arms at shoulder height bending elbow 90 , fold arms in front of chest, straighten arm out to side
5-6Step LF to L Side bending the L Knee into a lunge (L Arm angled down on diagonal as you lunge, R arm up)
7-8Recover weight onto RF making a 1/4 turn R, slide LF to RF (6:00) (Arms recover to opposite diagonal (7), bend elbows so arms and hands are diagonal across the chest (8)

[25-32] Step Drag x2, Rolling Grapevine
1-2Step LF to L Diagonal, Drag RF to LF
3-4Step RF to R Diagonal, Drag LF to RF
5-6Making a 1/4 L Step LF forward, Making a 1/2 turn L Step RF back
7-8Making a 1/4 L Step LF to L side, Tap RF to LF



Please feel free to use alternate music but do not alter the step sheet without notifying the choreographer first.


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