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Suite 16
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Karl-Harry Winson (UK) Aug 2016
"Anna-Lee" by Suite 16
Music Available to download from www.amazon.co.uk

Intro: 48 Count Intro (Start on main Chorus)

S1: Cross. Back. & Walk. Walk. Cross. Side-Rock. Cross Rock.
1 – 2Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left.
&3-4Step Right Beside Left. Walk forward on Left. Walk forward on Right.
5&6Cross Left over Right. Rock Right out to Right side. Recover weight on Left.
7 – 8Cross Rock Right over Left. Recover weight on Left.

S2: 1/4 Turn. Step. Pivot 1/4 Turn. Ball-Step. Toe Point Across. Toe Point. Sailor 1/4 Turn.
1-2-3Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right forward (3.00). Step forward on Left. Pivot 1/4 turn Right (6.00).
&4Step Left beside Right. Step Right out to Right side.
5 – 6Point Left toe across Right. Point Left toe out to Left side.
7&8Cross Left behide Right turning 1/4 Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left. (3.00).

S3: Right Samba Step. Cross. 1/4 Turn Left. Back Lock Step. Back Rock.
1&2Cross Right over Left stepping forward. Rock Left to Left side. Recover weight on Right.
3 – 4Cross Left over Right. Turn 1/4 Left stepping back on Right. (12.00).
5&6Step back on Left. Lock Right foot across Left. Step back on Left foot.
7 – 8Rock back on Right. Recover weight forward on Left.

S4: Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left X2. Jazz Box 1/4 Turn-Cross.
1&2Shuffle 1/2 turn Left stepping: Right, Left, Right. (6.00)
3&4Shuffle 1/2 turn Left stepping: Left, Right, Left. (12.00)
5 – 8Cross Right over Left. Turn 1/4 Turn Right stepping Left back. Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right. (3.00)

*** BRIDGE - The Following 4 Counts Happens on Every wall EXCEPT Wall 2 (6.00).
V Step: Out-Out-In-In.
1 – 2Step forward and out on Right. Step forward and out on Left.
3 – 4Step back and in on Right. Step back and in on Left.
*Just for Fun……you’ll hear in the lyrics they will shout “1-2-3-SING”. On the word “SING” (Count 4) as you Step back and in on the Left Foot, throw hands up in the air at Shoulder Level and Shout “SING”.

S5: Right Dorothy Step. Walk (Diagonal) X2. Forward Rock. Ball-Step. Back Step.
1,2&Step Right to Right diagonal. Lock Left behind Right. Step Right to Right diagonal. (4.30)
3 – 4Turn towards Left diagonal walking forward on Left. Walk forward on Right. (1.30)
5 – 6Still on the diagonal Rock forward on Left foot. Recover weight back on Right. (1.30)
&7,8Step Left beside Right. Step back on Right. Step back on Left foot. (1.30).

S6: 1/2 Turn. Step. Pivot 1/2 Turn. 1/8 Turn Right. Right Sailor Step. Left Sailor Step.
1 – 2Turn 1/2 turn Right stepping Right forward (7.30). Step Left forward. (7.30).
3 – 4Pivot 1/2 turn Right (1.30). Turn 1/8 turn Right stepping Left to Left side. (3.00).
5&6Cross Right behind Left. Step out on Left. Step out on Right.
7&8Cross Left behind Right Step out on Right. Step out on Left. (3.00)

**Tag – At the end of Wall 3 you will be facing 9 o’clock wall. There is a 16 count tag. Just repeat the Last 2 Sections of the dance (5 – 6) from the Dorothy Step.

Contact: 07792984427 or karlwinsondance@hotmail.com

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