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Sun Goes Down

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Beginner / Intermediate
Claude Martin (CAN) - October 2021
Sun Sets Down - Chris Buck Band
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Intro : 32 counts

[1-8]: Cross Rock, Side Shuffle, Shuffle 1/4 Turn x 2
1-2 cross RF in front of LF, recover on LF
3&4 shuffle right on RF,LF,RF
5&6shuffle 1/4 turn left on LF, RF, LF 9.00 hr
7&8 shuffle 1/4 turn left on RF, LF, RF 6.00 hr
[9-16]: Cross Rock, Side & Cross x2, 1/4 Turn x2, Shuffle FW
1-2& LF cross in front of RF, recover on RF, LF left
3&4 RF cross in front of LF, LF left, RF cross in front of LF
5-6 LF back 1/4 turn right, RF front 1/4 turn right 12.00 hr
7&8 Shuffle forward on LF, RF, LF

*At 3rd routine, restart after 16 counts at 6.oo hr
**Tag: at 7th routine, rocking chair at 9.00 hr
[17-24]: Cross Rock Side x2, Cross, Back 1/4 Turn, Shuffle Back
1&2Cross RF in front of LF, recover on LF, RF right
3&4Cross LF in front of RF, recover on RF, LF left
5-6RF crossed in front of LF, LF back 1/4 turn right 3.00 hr
7&8Back Shuffle on RF, LF, RF

[25-32]: Back Rock, Shuffle FW, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Kick Ball Change
1-2 LF back rock, recover on RF
3&4 Shuffle forward on LF, RF, LF
5-6 RF front pivot 1/2 turn left, LF forward 9.00hr
7&8 RF kick forward, RF next to LF, LF beside

*Restart the dance at 3rd routine after first 16 counts on 6hr wall

**Tag: 7th routine add a Rocking Chair: 9hr wall
1-4RF rock forward, recover on LF, RF rock back, recover on LF


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