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Hayley Wheatley (September 2019)
"Superpower" by Adam Lambert
Intro: 6 counts ( start On Lyrics)
Please note there are a few versions of this track and intros may vary.
This is choreographed to the clean/radio edit.

S1: Step side, behind side cross, touch side, flick 1/4 turn, step fwd, kick ball large step, drag
1Step Rf to R side 12:00
2&3Step Lf behind Rf, step Rf to R side, cross Lf over Rf 12:00
4&5Touch R toe to R side, pivot 1/4 turn L while flicking Rf behind, step fwd on Rf 9:00
6&7Kick Lf fwd, step back onto Lf, large step fwd onto Rf, 9:00
8Drag Lf to touch beside Rf 9:00

S2: Back heel, ball touch, touch back, half turn, heel switches, walk, walk
&1&2Step back onto Lf, tap R heel fwd, step back onto Rf, touch L toe beside Rf 9:00
3-4Touch L toe back, make 1/2 turn L taking weight onto Lf 3:00
5&6&Tap R heel fwd, Replace Rf, Tap L heel fwd, Replace Lf 3:00
7-8Walk fwd on Rf, walk fwd on Lf, 3:00

S3: heel, ball touch, touch back,half turn, heel switches, walk, Step Side
1&2Tap R heel fwd, step back onto Rf, touch L toe beside Rf 3:00
3-4Touch L toe back, make 1/2 turn L taking weight onto Lf 9:00
5&6&Tap R heel fwd, Replace Rf, Tap L heel fwd, Replace Lf 9:00
7-8Walk fwd on Rf, Step LF to L side, 9:00

S4:Heel twist, Heel twist, Swivel foot in, Step back, Step back, Hero arms with knee
1&2&Twist R heel in, Twist R heel back to centre, Twist L heel in, twist L heel back to centre
(For styling: Bring R shoulder up on count 1 and L shoulder up on count 2) 9:00
3&4Twist R Heel in, Twist R toe in, Touch R toe beside L foot 9:00
5-6Step back and out on R foot, step back and out on L foot 9:00
7&8Raise R arm up at shoulder height with fist clenched, while L arm drops down to side with fist clenched **Think “strong man” pose** (7)
Swing R arm down to side while L arm swings upward to shoulder height, (&)
Swing L arm down to side while R arm swings upward to shoulder height and popping R knee inward slightly (8) 9:00
Restart here on wall 2: On count 8, instead of knee pop, twist ¼ turn R and drag Rf in to meet Lf ,Restart facing 6:00 6:00

S5: Cross step, side step, sailor ¼ turn, walk, walk, forward coaster step,
1-2Cross Rf over Lf, step Lf to L side, 9:00
3&4Step RF behind making ¼ turn R, Step Lf to L side, Step Rf to R side 12:00
5-6Walk fwd on LF, walk fwd on RF 12:00
7&8Step fwd onto LF, Close RF beside LF, step back onto LF 12:00

S6: Walk back, walk back, coaster step, step pivot ½ turn, full turn
1-2Walk back onto Rf, Walk back onto LF 12:00
3&4Step back onto RF, Close LF beside RF, Step fwd onto RF 12:00
5-6Step fwd onto LF, pivot ½ turn R 6:00
7-8Step back onto LF making ½ turn R, Step fwd onto Rf making ½ turn R 6:00

S7: 1/8 Diagonal shuffle, sailor step, touch, side step drag, ball cross side
1&2Step LF to L side making 1/8 turn R, Close Rf beside LF, Step Lf to L side 7:30
3&4Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L side , Step Rf to R side 7:30
&56Touch L toe beside RF, Step LF to side dragging R heel in, Continue to drag R heel in to meet LF, 7:30
&78Step RF in beside LF, Cross Lf over Rf, Step Rf to R side 7:30

S8: Side shuffle 1/8, side together forward,rock, recover, hitch turn (or hitch, hitch), Side step
1&2Step Lf to L side making 1/8 turn L, Close Rf beside Lf, Step Lf to L side 6:00
3&4Step Rf to R side, Close, Lf beside Rf, Step fwd onto Rf 6:00
5&Rock fwd onto LF, recover onto RF 6:00
6-7Hitch L knee into a ½ turn L, Hitch L knee scooting another ½ turn L
(If this turn feels a little unbalanced t can be danced as two small Scoots back with the L knee) 6:00
8Step LF to L side 6:00

Ending: On wall 6 dance the “hero arms” with the 1/4 turn as you did at the Restart, this will bring you to 12:00 to finish.

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