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Sweet Love

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Hwang sunyoung (KOR) - October 2021
Love (Sweet Love) - Little Mix
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Intro : 5 count - No Tab / No Restart

S1 : Walk 4, RF Side and Hip Sliding RF Touch, RF Touch
1-4Step R(1), L(2), R(3), L(4) fwd
5-8Step RF to Right Side and Hip Sliding R(5), L(6), R(7) Touch RF to beside L(8)

S2 : RF 1/4 turn R, LF 1/2 turn R, Sailor, Lf Step and Hip Bump 2, RF side and Hip roll 2
1, 21/4 turn R Step RF fwd(1), 1/2 turn L Step LF back and Sweep RF bwd(2) 9:00
3&4Cross RF to behind LF(3), Together LF to beside RF(&), Step RF fwd(4)
5, 6Step LF fwd and Hip bump L 2(5, 6)
7, 8Step RF to Right Side and Hip roll 2(7, 8)

S3 : Weight Change, Weight Change and Bending Knee, Suffle, RF Step, LF behind RF side point
1, 2Weight change to LF while both knee straightened(1), Weight change to RF heel down while bending R knee(Like a seat in chair)(2)
3, 4Weight change to LF while both knee straightened(3), Weight change to RF heel down while bending R knee(Like a seat in chair)(4)
5&61/4 turn L Step LF fwd(5), Step RF to behind LF(&), Step LF fwd(6) 6:00
7&8Step RF Side R(7), Step LF to behind RF(&), Point RF Side R(8)

S4 : Body Wave, LF Together, RF to beside RF Side Point, LF Touch, V Step, Unwind Full turn
1-2&Body Wave and Together LF(1-2), Point RF side R(&)
3, 4Body Wave and Together Touch LF(3, 4)
5&6&Step LF Diag fwd(5), Step RF Diag fwd(&), Step LF back to Center(6), Cross RF on LF(&)
7, 8Make a Full Unwind L(7, 8)

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Grace Queen October 14, 2021
선영언니 재밌고 예쁜안무 넘 좋아요😘😍❤
지금처럼 우리 항상 함께 춤추고 놀아요💃🕺☺😚😉👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🌺💐🌼🌞💃🕺

Hwang sunyoung October 14, 2021
넹 같이 춤추고 놀아요. 고마워 효정❤😘💜😍💚🤩💙😁💛

Selvin October 16, 2021
Vote 7

Hwang sunyoung October 16, 2021
Yeah❤❤ Thank you selvin❤❤
Let's dance together.😍🤩😆

Swee Lee October 16, 2021
Awesome dance, like it & voted , all the best 👍❤️💃

Hwang sunyoung October 17, 2021
Wow❤ Thank you so much. Swee❤ Joy ful🤩
Let's enjoy and dance together.💚💜😍💛🧡

Ainy October 18, 2021
Vote 8 👍👍👍❤️🥰🤩

Hwang sunyoung October 18, 2021
Thank you Ainy❤❤❤
Let's enjoy dance😍🤩🥳💜💙💚💛🧡

Novi3NLD October 20, 2021

TanNjoek October 20, 2021
Vote 10 🥰👍

Hwang sunyoung October 20, 2021
Oh❤Novi❤ Thank you so much😍🤩🥰
I'm so happy because of the kind Novi.💜💚💛🧡

Hwang sunyoung October 20, 2021
Thank you very much Tan❤❤❤

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