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Sweet Something

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High Beginner
Step5678 (USA) - January 2018
Sweet Little Somethin' - Jason Aldean
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Intro: 32 Counts After Hard Beat.... On Lyrics
One Restart....On 3rd Rotation After 16 Counts

(1-8) Heel Grind (R), Coaster (R), Heel Grind-¼ Left (L), Coaster (L)
1-2Rock R heel fwd (toe turned in) (1), Recover L (toe turned out) (2)
3&4Step back R (3), Step L next to R (&), Step fwd R (4)
5-6Step L heel fwd (toe turned in) (5), Turn ¼ turn left and step back R (toe turned out) (6) (9:00)
7&8Step back L (7), Step R next to L (&), Step fwd L (8)

(9-16) Walks Fwd (R-L), Out/Out (R-L), In/In (R-L) x 2
1-2Walk fwd R (1), Walk fwd L (2)
&3&4Step R to right (&), Step L to left (3), Step R in (&), Step L in (4)
5-6Walk fwd R (5), Walk fwd L (6)
&7&8Step R to right (&), Step L to left (7), Step R in (&), Step L in (8) (9:00)
*****Restart Here On 3rd Rotation*****

(17-24) Rock/Recover Fwd (R), ½ Turning Triple Right x 2, Rock-Recover Back (R)
1-2Rock fwd R (1), Recover L (2)
3&4Step back R ¼ right (3), Step L next to R (&), Step fwd R ¼ right (4) (3:00)
5&6Step fwd L ¼ right(5), Step R next to L (&), Step back L ¼ right (6) (9:00)
7-8Rock back R (7), Recover L (8) (9:00)

(25-32) Step-Scuff Fwd (R-L), Jazz Box (R )
1-2Step fwd R (1), Scuff fwd L (2)
3-4Step fwd L (3), Scuff fwd R (4)
5-6Step R over L (5), Step back L (6)
7-8Step R to right (7), Step fwd L (8) (9:00)

Let's Dance!!!



...justDance! January 10, 2018
Nice job! Great dance for all ages. Thanks Steph 5678!

tpatterso12 January 15, 2018
Such a fun dance! Taught to my class on Friday night, they loved it!

step5678 February 26, 2018
Thank you ...justDance!

step5678 February 26, 2018
Thank You tpatterso12! So happy that you class loved it! We sure have fun with it at our class!!!

Sandue October 16, 2019
I really like a lot of your dances - nice job on this one.

step5678 October 16, 2019
Thank you Sandue!

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