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Swing A Ling

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Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) - March 2013
Swing Baby - David Ball : (CD: Amigo)
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8 Count intro

Hip Push (Left & Right). Chasse Left. Hip Push (Right & Left). Chasse Right.
1 – 2Step Left to Left side pushing hips Left. Push hips Right.
3&4Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Step Left to Left side.
5 – 6Step Right to Right side pushing hips Right. Push hips Left.
7&8Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. Step Right to Right side.
Option: Counts 1 – 2 above … Raise both hands up in front of chest (Palms Facing Outward)
Sway hands Left. Sway hands Right … Repeat in Opposite Direction for Counts 5 – 6

Cross. 1/4 Turn Left. Left Coaster Step. Charleston Steps.
1 – 2Cross step Left over Right. Make 1/4 turn Left stepping back on Right.
3&4Step back on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left. (Facing 9 o’clock)
5Swing/Sweep Right out and around touching Right toe forward.
6Swing/Sweep Right out and around stepping back on Right.
7Swing/Sweep Left out and around touching Left toe back.
8Swing/Sweep Left out and around stepping forward on Left.

Diagonal Locks Steps Forward (Right & Left). Cross. Step Back. Chasse 1/4 Turn Right.
1&2Step Right Diagonally forward Right. Lock Left behind Right. Step Right Diagonally forward Right.
3&4Step Left Diagonally forward Left. Lock Right behind Left. Step Left Diagonally forward Left.
5 – 6Cross step Right over Left. Step Back on Left pushing Hips Back. (Facing 9 o’clock)
7&8Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. Make 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on Right.

Step. Pivot 1/4 Turn Right. Left Cross Shuffle. Lunge. Recover. Behind & Cross.
1 – 2Step forward on Left. Pivot 1/4 turn Right.
3&4Cross step Left over Right. Step Right to Right side. Cross step Left over Right.
5 – 6Lunge Right out to Right side. Recover weight on Left.
7&8Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left side. Cross step Right over Left. (Facing 3 o’clock)

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