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Intermediate NC
Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick (TheDanceFactoryUK) July 2018
Switch – Derek Ryan
Start after 16 count intro on vocals – approx. 17secs – 4 mins 03secs – 116bpm
Music available: Amazon

[1-8] R NC basic, ¼ L, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn, ¼ L, L behind/dip, ¼ R, L fwd, ½ R pivot turn, L fwd, L full turn fwd
(or run fwd 2)
1-2&3Step R side, rock L back, recover weight on R, turning ¼ left step L forward (9 o’clock)
&4&5Step R forward, pivot ½ left, turning ¼ left step R side, cross step L behind R (dip) (12 o’clock)
6&7Turning ¼ right step R forward, step L forward, pivot ½ right (9 o’clock)
&8&Step L forward, turning ½ left step R back, turning ½ left step L forward (OR run forward R, L) (9 o’clock)

[9-16] R fwd rock/recover, R back, L fwd rock/recover, L side rock/recover, L cross behind, R side rock/recover, R cross behind, ⅛ L turn to diagonal, R fwd, ½ L to opposite diagonal
1-2&Rock R forward, recover weight on L, step R back
3&4&Rock L forward, recover weight on R, rock L side, recover weight on R
5-6&7Cross step L behind R whilst sweeping R from front to back, cross step R behind L, step L side, cross R over L
&8&Turning towards left diagonal step L forward, step R forward, pivot ½ left ending facing diagonal (1 o’clock)

[17-24] R fwd, run fwd 2, L fwd & R lift, 1&½ R turn to opposite diagonal/or ½ R and run 2, L fwd rock/recover, L back big step dragging R in, R back rock/recover
1-2&3Towards diagonal step R forward, run forward L & R, step L forward as you lift/hitch R up slightly (prep turn)
WALL 4 RESTART: Dance first 19 counts, turn ½ right and step forward R, L for counts 20& turning to 12 o’clock to start dance again
4&5Turning ½ right step forward, turning ½ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward to end facing diagonal
(7 o’clock) OR turn ½ right and run forward R, L, R
WALL 5 RESTART/ ONE STEP TAG: Dance first 21 counts – add one more step crossing L over R, start dance again
(6 o’clock)
6&7Rock L forward, recover weight on R, big step back L while dragging together
8&Rock R back, recover weight on L (7 o’clock)
WALL 2 RESTART: Dance first 24& counts, turn to 12 o’clock and begin the dance again facing front wall

[25-32] ¼ L & hitch, L full turn/or L vine, R cross step, L side rock/recover, L cross step, ¼ L & R back, L back rock/recover, L forward), R fwd, ½ L pivot turn
1-2&3Turning ¼ left step R back whilst hitching L knee, turning ¼ left step L forward, turning ½ left step R back, turning ¼ left step L side (3 o’clock) OR ¼ left & hitch and vine left
&4&5Cross step R over L, rock L side, recover weight on R, cross step L over R
6&7&Turning ¼ left step R back, rock L back, recover weight on R, step L forward
8&Step R forward, pivot ½ left (6 o’clock)

ENDING: Final wall starts facing back wall, dance the first 12& counts and you will be facing R side wall. To end facing front, turn ¼ left to face forward as you step L back and strike a pose.

Contact - Tel: 01462 735778 Email: info@thedancefactoryuk.co.uk Website: www.thedancefactoryuk.co.uk
Please Note: we like to check and approve all Videos of our dances before they are linked to this site.- A&P

Last Update – 20th July 2018

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