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T Me On

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Improver Cha Cha
Raymond Sarlemijn – February 2019
Turnin Me On - Blake Shelton
Side, rock forward recover, cha cha cha left, crosd cuban breaks ( cross mambo’s), ¼ turn left.
1rf right
2lf forward
3recover weight rf
4lf left
&rf close lf
5lf left
6rf cross forward lf
&recover weight lf
7rf right
8lf cross forward rf
&recover weight rf
1¼ turn left, lf forward

Forward, ½ turn left, lock step forward, walk walk, lock step forward.
2rf forward
3½ turn left
4rf forward
&lf lock rf
5rf forward
6lf forward
7rf forward
8lf forward
&rf lock lf
1lf forward

Rock forward sweep, sailor step, touch forward touch left, coaster step
2rf forward
3recover weight on lf, while doing this sweep rf
4rf backwards lf
&lf close rf
5rf right
6lf cross forward rf and touch
7lf touch left
8lf backwards
&rf close lf
1lf forward

Rock forward, ¼ turn right chasse right, right, time steps ( tripple steps)
2rf forward
3recover weight
&¼ turn right
4rf right
&lf close rf
5rf right
6lf close rf
&weight on rf
7lf left
8rf close lf
&weight on lf
1rf right

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