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Tina Argyle (UK) - December 2021
'Til You Can't - Cody Johnson : (amazon & itunes)
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Count In : 16 beats from very start of track approx 12 seconds in

Step Fwd. Tap Back Tap.Side Together Fwd. Tap. Side Touch, Side Touch, Chasse ¼ Turn
1&2&Step diagonally forward R, tap L at side of R, Step diagonally back L tap R at side of L
3&4&Step R to right side, Step L at side of R, Step forward R tap L at side of R
5&6&Step L to left side tap R at side of L, Step R to right side tap L at side of R
7&8Step L to left side, Close R at side of L, Make ¼ turn left stepping fwd. L

Step ¼ Turn Cross, ¼ Turn Side Cross. Side Rock Recover, Cross Strut, Side Strut, Cross Strut
1&2Step fwd. R, Make ¼ turn left onto L, Cross R over L
3&4Make ¼ turn right stepping back L, Step R to right side, Cross L over R
5&6&Rock R to right side, recover onto L, Touch R toe over L, drop R heel taking weight
7&8&Touch L toe to left side, drop L heel taking weight, Touch R toe over L, drop R heel taking weight

Side Rock Cross, Side Rock Cross, Rock ¼ Turn, Lock Step Fwd.
1&2Rock L to left side, recover, Cross L over R
3&4Rock R to right side, recover, Cross R over L
5&6Rock L to left side, make ¼ turn right recovering weight fwd onto R, Step fwd. L
7&8Step fwd. R, Lock L behind R, Step fwd. R

Step ½ Pivot Turn Step, Triple Full Turn Fwd. Step Fwd. Tap, Modified Sailor ¼ Turn
1&2Step fwd. L, make ½ pivot turn right onto R, Step fwd L
*** ADD TAG HERE then re start the dance from the beginning during walls 4 & 7 facing 3 o'clock both times ***
3&4Make a triple full turn left stepping fwd. R,L,R ( or shuffle forward)
5&6Step fwd. L, Tap R behind L, Step back R starting to sweep L anti-clockwise at the same time
7&8Make ¼ turn left stepping back L, Step R to right side, Step slightly fwd L

TAG: 2 count Tag facing 3 o'clock during Walls 4 and 7 the re star dance from the beginning
1&Step forward R brush L
2&Step forward L brush R

Ending - Wall 9 turn the last toe strut ¼ turn left to face 12 o'clock then brush L past R

Thank You to Steve Lovett for bringing this song to my attention.


Herman Baso December 29, 2021
vote#1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Grace Queen December 30, 2021

step5678 January 1, 2022
Love this one....will teach soon!🙂

Julie Gillmore January 13, 2022
Fab dance, loved teaching it, great song.

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