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Scott Blevins (USA)
Take It To Da House - Trick Daddy
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1-2Step forward and diagonal to left with left foot; touch right foot next to left foot
3&4Triple side right - right, left, right
5-6Pushing left hip forward, step forward and diagonal left with left foot; pushing right hip forward step forward and diagonal to right with right foot
7-8Pushing hips back, step back with left foot; step right foot next to left foot
9-10Step forward on left foot; pivot ½ turn to right
11-12Paddle turn ¼ right on right foot two times
13Drop into crouched position with feet shoulder width apart
14Stand up, lifting right side of ribcage
15&16Keeping weight on right foot, isolate rib cage left, right, left, shifting weight to right foot on count 16
17-18Step forward on left foot; make a ½ turn left on left foot while lifting right knee and pushing right hip back (hold this position through count 20)
19-20Make an 1/8 turn left pushing right hip; repeat
21-22Step down on right foot; make a ¼ turn left on right foot, lifting left knee up (perform counts 21-22 in a fluid wave motion for style)
23&24Triple forward - left, right, left
25-26Step forward on right foot; make a ¼ turn left on left foot while lifting right foot to left knee
27&28Step right with right foot, bumping right hip; bump left hip left; bump right hip right while lifting left foot to right knee
29-30Make a ¼ turn left, stepping forward on left foot; brush right foot next to left foot
31-32Make a ¼ turn left, stepping right foot to right side; lift left foot to right knee

This portion should be carefree and fun

&1&2With feet a shoulder width apart, hands extended forward and up, and pelvis pushed forward shake hips side to side
&3&4Making a ¼ turn right, bending forward at waist, with hand at your sides, feet shoulder width apart, shake hips side to side
&5&6&7&8Repeat 1-4
&9&10&11&12Repeat 1-4
&13&14&15&16Repeat 1-4 in double time and change the turns to 1/8 turns ending with weight on left foot
17-18On left foot, make almost a ¼ turn left and bump right hip twice
19&20Still on left foot, return to center by tripling ¼ turn right - right, left, right
21-24Repeat 17-20 on right foot (everything the opposite way and opposite foot as before)
25-26Skate right, skate left
27&28Make a full turn right on the spot, stepping right, left, right (end with weight on right)
29&30Rock back and diagonal left on left foot; recover to right foot; kick left foot forward and across right
31&32Repeat 29&30

I want you to listen (not count) for this dance. The chorus will come 3 times. The first 2 times it begins on Count 17 of the Verse steps (Part A). The 3rd time on count 9 of the Verse steps (Part A). Each time you will take 8 counts to prepare for the Chorus steps (Part B). The first 4 counts will be used to adjust the amount of turn so that you get around to the original starting wall. The second 4 counts you will dance in place and clap on 8. Then you will dance the Chorus steps (Part B). Each time you complete the Chorus steps (Part B), you will be facing the original starting wall and start over on the Verse steps (Part A).



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