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Take Me Away

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Gerard Murphy, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (May 15, 2008)
Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield (CD: Pocketful of Sunshine)
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Start point: 16 counts in - on lyrics.

Kick forward, cross step, back, side, forward lock step, ½ turn, ½ turn
1&2,3 Low kick R diagonally across L; cross step R down over L; step L slightly back; step R to R
4&5 Step forward onto L; lock step R behind L; step forward onto L
6,7,8 Step forward onto R; pivot 1/2 turn L (weight to L - to face 6 o'clock); pivot on ball of L a 1/2 turn L while stepping back onto R (to face 12 o'clock)

Step, cross front, step, touch, step, cross behind, hold, touch, behind, ¼ turn, step forward
&1 Step L to L; cross step R over L
2,3 Step L to L; touch R toes next to L
&4 Step R to R; cross point L behind R while bending knees slightly
5,6 HOLD; touch L toes to L (with a straight L leg) and returning knees to normal position
7&8 Step L behind R; step R 1/4 turn to R; step forward onto L

Walk, walk, ½ turn step, hitch and touch and touch, cross step
1,2 Step forward onto R; step forward onto L
3&4 Step forward onto R; pivot 1/2 turn L (weight to L); step forward onto R
5&6 Hitch L knee slightly; step down onto L; touch R toes to R (with a straight R leg)
&7,8 Step R next to L while making a 1/4 turn R; touch L toes to L (with a straight L leg); cross step L over R

Diagonal shuffle; diagonal step, touch, cross rock recover, cross rock recover ¼ turn
1&2 Shuffle diagonally forward to the R: R, L, R
3,4 Long step L diagonally forward to the L; drag and touch R next to L
5&6 Cross step R forward over L; rock on ball of L to L; recover onto R
7&8 Cross step L over R; rock on ball of R to R; recover onto L while making a 1/4 turn L

Start over!

TAG: happens once after SIX rotations, facing the 6 o’clock wall:
1,2 Walk forward: R, L
3,4 Step forward onto R; pivot 1/2 turn L (weight to L – to face 12 o’clock)

End dance at 3 o’clock wall – continue walking all the way off the floor toward 3 o’clock

( 16:24:17)


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