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Take You For Granted

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Intermediate waltz
Amy Glass (USA) - October 2021
Granted - Jaden Michaels : (iTunes)
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#27 Count Intro. Restart on wall 5 after 24 counts and step modification (facing 12:00)

[1-6] Sway/Look R, ¼ L with Sweep
1-2-3Step RF to R with slow sway to R turning upper body ¼ R (looking toward 3:00 but still facing 12:00)
*Styling tip: A slow sway should result in naturally pointing L toe to L during the sway
4-5-6Turn ¼ L weighting L foot and sweeping RF from back to front (9:00)

[7-12] Twinkle R, L
1-2-3Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, Step RF fwd naturally to R diagonal (10:30)
4-5-6Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R, Step LF fwd naturally to L diagonal (7:30)

[13-18] Step, Lift/Kick L, L Coaster
1-2-3Step RF fwd, Slowly kick/lift LF (point toes) (7:30)
4-5-6Step LF back, Close RF next to LF, Step LF fwd

[19-24] Step, Pivot ½ Close, Rolling Full Turn Fwd R
1-2Step RF fwd, Pivot ½ L keeping weight on RF (1:30)
3Close LF next to RF
4-5-6Step RF fwd, ½ R stepping LF back (7:30), ½ R stepping RF fwd (1:30)

[25-30] Step Fwd L, Point R, Prep/Hold, Full Turn R (weight R) w/ L Sweep
1-2Square up to 12:00 while stepping LF fwd, Point RF to R
3Hold while prepping upper body to L
4-5-6Step RF down, Make full turn R while sweeping LF (option to omit turn: slow sweep LF)

[31-36] Cross Back, Back, Cross, Back, ½ R
(Naturally face diagonals & make zig-zag shape moving backward with the following steps)
1Cross LF over RF (1:30)
2Step RF to side/back (12:00)
3Step LF to side/back (10:30)
4Cross RF over LF (10:30)
5Step LF to side/back (12:00)
6Step RF fwd while turning ½ R (6:00)

[37-42] Slow Pivot ½ R, Step Fwd Drag
1Continue turning body R while stepping LF fwd (7:30)
2-3Slowly turn ½ R keeping weight L (1:30)
4-5-6Step RF fwd slowly while dragging LF toward R
*Styling tip: Keep gaze toward 6:00 wall as long as possible to force body to turn slowly

[43-48] Step LF Fwd, ¼ L & Step RF to R, Step RF behind LF, ¼ R Chase ½ R
1Step LF Fwd (1:30)
2-3Turn ¼ L (10:30) while stepping RF to R, Cross LF behind RF
4-5-6Turn ¼ R (1:30) while stepping RF fwd, Step LF fwd, Pivot ½ R weighting RF (7:30)

[49-54] Step LF Fwd, Step RF Fwd with L Spiral Full Turn, Cross/Step L over R, Rock, Recover
1Step LF fwd
2-3Step on ball of RF making full turn L, gently hooking LF in front of RF
4-5-6Step LF fwd (slightly crossed in front of RF), Rock RF to R, Recover to LF (square up to 6:00)

[55-60] Cross/Step Fwd R, Rock L, Recover, Weave to R
1-2-3Step RF fwd (slightly crossed over L), Rock LF to L, Recover weight on R
4-5-6Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R, Cross LF behind RF

Restart: Wall 5 after 24 counts (facing 12:00) Start facing 12:00. Step modification on counts 22-23-24
[22-24] Step RF Fwd, 7/8 Turn R on Ball of LF
4Step RF fwd toward 1:30
5-67/8 turn R on ball of LF keeping weight off of RF. Adjust count 1. Press to R instead of sway for count 1. Wall 5 starts facing 12:00 and restarts facing 12:00.


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