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Take Your Shoes Off Moses

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Beginner - Gospel dance
Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) - April 2019
A Southern Gospel Revival feat. Courtney Patton (length 3:20) "Take Your Shoes Off Moses"
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This song was originally written by J.D. Jarvis in 1967. It’s a lovely, catchy Gospel song with a great rhythm, which I like very much. BPM 104

Intro 12 counts, - No Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Heel forward and toe back followed by shuffle steps forward - RF and LF
1RF heel forward (facing 12.00)
2RF toe back
3RF step forward
&LF step beside RF
4RF step forward
5LF heel forward
6LF toe back
7LF step forward
&RF step beside LF
8LF step forward

Section 2: Jazz Box with ¼ turn right x 2
1RF cross over LF
2Turn ¼ right stepping LF back (facing 03.00)
3RF step right
4LF step beside RF
5RF cross over LF
6Turn ¼ right stepping LF back (facing 06.00)
7RF step right
8LF step beside RF

Section 3: Step forward, touch behind, shuffle steps back. Step back, hook, shuffle steps forward.
1RF step forward
2LF touch behind RF
3LF step back
&RF step beside LF
4LF step back
5RF step back
6LF hook cross over RF
7LF step forward
&RF step beside LF
8LF step forward
Section 4: Side steps right and left ending with cross step
1RF step right
2LF step beside RF
3RF step right
&LF step beside RF
4RF cross step over LF
5LF step left
6RF step beside LF
7LF step left
&RF step beside LF
8LF cross step over RF

Enjoy this lovely Gospel song with great, catchy rhythm!


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