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Tango Del Rio

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Linda Parker - July 2010
Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy
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(1-8) Shuffle Step Right, Shuffle Step Left, Walk/Walk, ½ Pivot Turn
1&2 Step right, left foot forward-instep to heel, right foot step forward.
3&4 Step left, right foot forward-instep to heel, left foot step forward.
5-6 Walk right / left.
7-8 Turn to the left on the balls of both feet. (A.K.A: Military Turn)

(9-16) Repeat Above Pattern Once More.

(17-24) Side / Together, Chasse Right, Cross-Rock / Recover, Chasse Left.
1-2 Step right to side, step left together.
3&4 Step right to side, step left together, step right to side.
5-6 Cross/rock left over right, recover onto the right.
7&8 Step left to side, step right together, step left to side.

(25-36) Weave Left, Left Toe Touch (Long) To Left Side, Weave Right, Turn ¼ Right
1-3 Cross right over left, step left to side, cross right behind left
4-8 Touch left toe out to side (long) / drag toe back slowly to right (on count 4 hitch your left knee with a "snap" to it).
1-4 Cross left over right, step right to side, cross left behind right, turn ¼ right and step right forward.

(37-48) Step, ½ Pivot Right, ½ Shuffle Turn Right, Rock Back/Recover,
Right Kick Ball Change, Right Kick (Flick) Forward/Side/Forward, Right Toe Tap.
5-6 Step left forward, turn ½ right (weight on right)
7&8 Shuffle backwards turning ½ right stepping left, right, left
1-2 Rock right back, recover onto left
3&4 Kick right forward, step right together, step left in place
5-8 Flick forward right, cross/flick right across left, flick right forward /Tap right toe.

A dance to be done with attitude, keeping a straight frame/tight. Keep it sexy !!!


maggie0413 March 29, 2012
aka: Spicy Tango Del Rio
Revamped Tango music for Tango Del Rio with slightly modified ending steps.
Faster, Fun and more Challenging than the original music. The music is Pa'? Bailar by Julietta Venegas. It is listed on ITunes.
as stated on

Joey November 3, 2017
The group in Montreal is using this other song but an edited version by Bajofondo featuring Julietta Venegas. Really works well with song. I am teaching this dance to this music on Nov 6, 2017.

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