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Teach Me How To Diffie!

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Matt Krabbe - January 2013
1994 - Jason Aldean
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Intro: Dance begins after 16 counts when 1st verse starts.

Counts 1-8: Heel Toe Swivels, Heel touches right and left.
1,Swivel left toe to right and tap right heel in.
2,Swivel left heel to right and tap right toe in.
3,Repeat step 1.
4,Repeat step 2.
5,Tap right heel forward and slightly to right.
6,Step right foot together beside left.
7,Tap Left heel forward and slightly to left.
8,Step left foot together beside right.

Counts 9-16: Heel hook, Stomps forward with shakes.
9,Tap right heel forward.
10,Hook right heel over left foot kicking slightly up.
11,Tap right heel back down and forward.
12,Touch right toe beside left foot.
13,Stomp right foot forward.
14,Hold (Optional: Shake hips.)
15,Stomp left foot forward.
16,Hold (optional: Shake hips.)

Counts 17-24: Hesitations steps forward and back twice.
17,Step right foot forward.
18,Step left foot together.
19,Step right foot back.
20,Step left foot together.
21-24,repeat all of steps 17-20 again.

Counts 25-32: 1/4 turn struts twice.
25,Step right foot forward.
27,turning a 1/4 to the left, step left foot forward
29-32,repeat counts 25-28 again.

Start again!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is one small pause in the song for about 4 beats of music toward the end of the song. This will happen right after the 3rd chorus of the song. You will hear him say "Will the real Joe Diffie please stand up" and then you will stomp your right foot down in place and hold that count for those 4 beats and then begin the dance over there. This only happens one time.

Contact info: Matt Krabbe, Greenville, SC
email: - YouTube Channel: Krabbedance101


Shell May 6, 2013
Great dance, love this!!!!!

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