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Temporary Wealth

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JMP (KOR) - December 2020
Broke (feat. Thomas Rhett) - Teddy Swims
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Intro : 8 count

Restart : On wall 1 (6:00) , wall 3 (9:00) after 56 counts
Ending : 4 count - Circle Walk (R-L-R-L) 1/4 turn left (12:00)

S1 (1-8) FWD Heel Strut (R-L), Out, Out, In, Cross, Point, Touch, Point
12 34Touch heel to forward (RF), Drop toe (RF), Touch heel to forward (LF), Drop toe (LF)
&5&6Step diagonal right (RF), Step diagonal left (LF), Step Back (RF), Step cross over right (LF)
7 & 8Out point (RF), In touch (RF), Out point (RF)

S2 (1-8) Backward Toe Strut (R-L), Big Back Step, Heel Drag, Walk (R-L)
12 34Touch toe to backward (RL), Drop heel (RF), Cross over right touch toe to backward (LF), Drop heel (LF)
5 6 &Step big back (RF), Drag heel backward (LF), Step beside right (LF)
7 8Step forward (RF), Step forward (LF)

S3 (1-8) Rock Side, Recover, Cross (R-L), Rock Side, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross
1 & 2Step rock side (RF), Recover (LF), Step cross over left (RF)
3 & 4Step rock side (LF), Recover (RF), Step cross over right (LF)
567&8Step rock side (RF), Recover (LF), Step behind (RF), Step side (LF), Step cross over left (RF)
S4 (1-8) Heel Swivel (Out, In), Behind, Side, Cross, Heel Bounce x 3, Ball, Cross
1 & 2Touch ball on left diagonal (LF), Swivel heel out (LF), Swivel heel center (LF)
3 & 4Step behind (LF), Step side (RF), Step cross over right (LF)
567&8Step side heel tap x3 (RF), Step beside left (RF), Step cross over right (LF)

S5 (1-8) Hinge 3/4 Turn Left, Shuffle FWD, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right, Shuffle FWD (9:00)
123&41/4 turn left step back (RF), 1/2 turn left step forward (LF), Shuffle forward R - 3:00
567&8Step forward (LF), 1/2 turn right step recover (RF), Shuffle forward L - 9:00

S6 (1-8) Kick Ball, Toe Switches, FWD Ball Press, Body Roll, 1/4 Turn Left Slide Big Side,Drag Touch (6:00)
1&2&Kick forward (RF), Step side (RF), Touch toe left side (LF), Step beside right (LF)
3 & 4Touch toe right side (RF), Step beside left (RF), Step forward ball press (LF)
56 78Body roll forward, Body roll back (weight right), 1/4 turn left step big side (LF), Drag touch beside left (RF) - 6:00

S7 (1-8) Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, V-step, Touch
123&4Step rock forward (RF), Step recover (LF), Step back (RF), Step beside right (LF), Step forward (RF)
56 78Step forward diagonal left (LF), Step forward diagonal right (RF), Step back (LF), Touch beside left (RF)

S8 (1-8) Rolling Vine Right, Point, Modified Rolling 3/4 Turn Left, Touch (9:00)
12 341/4 turn right step forward (RF), 1/2 turn right step back (LF), 1/4 turn right step side (RF)Point out (LF)
56 781/4 turn left step forward (LF), 1/4 turn left step side (RF), 1/4 turn left step back (LF),Touch beside left (RF) - 9:00

Have a happy day~~~!


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