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Tequila Does

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Adia Nuno (USA) & Russ Bradchulis (USA) - May 2022
Tequila Does - Miranda Lambert
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Notes: Begin after 12 counts.
Sequence: A-B-C-A-B**-Bshort***-C-C-A-B**-B**-B to ENDING

A1: Twinkle, Full Turn
1-2-3Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, Recover weight to R
4-5-6Making ¼ turn towards 3:00 Step LF forward, Make 1/2 turn L stepping RF back, Make 1/2 turn L stepping LF forward (facing 3:00)

A2: ½ Pivot, Step, Swivel, Swivel
1-2-3Step R forward, Slowly pivot over L should to face 9:00, Weight on L
4-5-6Step RF forward, Make 1/4 turn L, swiveling on toes, Make 1/4 turn R, swiveling on toes (weight on RF)

A3: Ronde, 1/4 Turn, Step, Scuff/Hitch, Back
1Make 1/4 turn R, stepping LF back slightly (facing 12:00) and make Ronde with RF front to back
2-3Finish Ronde, Step RF behind LF
4-5-6Step LF forward, Scuff RF and raise R knee while rising on LF, Step RF back

A4: Step Drag, Hip Bumps x3
1-2Step LF back dragging R
3Step RF back
4-5-6Close LF to RF and Bump L hip to L, Bump R hip to R (shifting weight), Bump L hip to L (shifting weight)

A5: Lock Step Forward, Half Turn Scissor
1-2-3Step RF forward on diagonal (facing 1:30), Lock LF behind RF, Step RF forward
4-5-6Step LF forward, Step R forward beginning ½ turn over L shoulder, Step LF forward at 7:30

A6: Full Turn, Checks/Hesitation X3
1Step RF forward (facing 7:30)
2½ turn over R step LF back
3½ turn over R Step RF forward (facing 7:30)
4Step LF forward, making check action on straight knee
5Rock back on RF, making check action on straight knee
6Recover forward on LF, making check action on straight knee

A7: Slow Pivot, Full Turn
1-2Step RF forward (facing 7:30), Make 1/2 turn over L, staying and rising on RF
3-4Step LF forward (facing 1:30), Step RF forward
5-6Making 1/2 turn R, step LF (back toward 1:30), Making 1/2 turn R, step RF (1:30)

A8: Cross, Knee Pops, Front Ronde
1Cross LF over RF
2Pop knees, making 1/4 turn R (facing 4:30)
3Pop knees, making 1/4 turn R (facing 7:30) keeping weight on LF
4-5Hop forward onto RF (facing 12:00), sweeping LF from back to front
6Cross L over R

A9: Ronde, Grapevine
1-2-3Unwind full turn to R (facing 12:00), sweeping RF front to back
4-5-6Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L, Cross RF over LF

A10: ½ Pivot, Spiral
1Make 1/4 turn L and step LF forward (facing 9:00)
2Step RF forward, and make 1/2 pivot turn L (facing 3:00)
3Step LF forward, Step RF forward
4-5-6Full 360 degree spin on R leg over L shoulder and keeping L foot connected to the floor

A11: Step, Touch, Cross, Step, Touch,
1-2Step LF forward, Making ¼ turn over L should to face 12:00, step RF to R side
3Recover weight to L
4-5-6Cross RF over LF, Point LF to L, Cross LF over RF

A12: Lunge Right
1Stepping R to Right side, Make wide lunge to R
6Hold (use index finger to signal “no, no no”)

**Next section (Part B) starts on one during: “He don’t love me like te-QUI-la does”

PART B1 - 24 COUNTS — 4/4 TIME
B1: ChaCha Basic, Break Right, Half Turn Triple
1-2-3LF step L, RF rock back, recover LF
4&5RF step R, close LF to RF, RF step R
6-7Make 1/4 turn R (facing 3:00) and check LF forward, recover on RF,
8&Making ¼ turn to L Step LF to L (toward 12:00), close RF to LF

B2: Step Forward, Side Basic, Left Break, Full Turn
1Making ¼ turn over L shoulder step LF Forward (facing 9:00)
2-3Make 1/4 L step RF to R side swaying hips R, recover weight to L swaying hips L
4&5Step RF to R, close LF to RF, step RF to R
6-7Make 1/4 turn R (facing 9:00) step LF forward, make 1/2 pivot turn to R stepping forward on RF (facing 3:00)
8&Make 5/8 turn over R shoulder stepping back on LF (backing toward 4:30), lock RF over LF

B3: Step, Tap, Step, Tap / Coaster, Walks, ChaCha
1-2LF step back, tap RF to front
3-4&RF step back, tap LF to front, close LF to RF
5-6RF step forward on diagonal (facing 10:30), LF walk forward
7-8RF walk forward, LF walk forward
**Continue on, beginning section C

B** to B (B3: instead of the 4th step on LF on count 8)
8&Make 1/8 turn R (squaring to 12:00) and step LF to L, close RF to LF

Bshort*** to C (B3: Dance 1-2-3-4& then go straight into C)
3-4&RF step back, tap LF to front, close LF to RF
**Continue on, beginning section C

B to ENDING (B3: Slow down drastically the 4 walks (5R, 6L, 7R, 8L)
Step RF forward and Sweep LF from back to front to face 12:00
On Guitar sounds, begin a weave of your own style and flare beginning by crossing LF over RF
Weave: Cross front, step side, cross back, step side, cross front and end stepping out to R side

T1: Waltz 1/4 Diamond, Step Back, Side, Front
1Step RF forward on diagonal (facing 10:30)
2Step LF to L and make 1/4 turn R (facing 1:30)
3Step RF backward (backing toward 7:30)
4Step LF backward
5Step RF to R and make 1/8 turn R (facing 3:00)
6Step LF forward

T2: 1/2 Pivot Turn, Twinkle
1Step RF forward
2Making ½ turn over R, Step LF backward
3Making ½ turn over R, Step RF forward
4Step LF forward (facing 3:00)
5Making ¼ turn over L shoulder to face 12:00, step RF to R side
6Step/recover weight to LF


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